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Lazy Caterers Sale Evolves Into Cake Number Sequence

Lazy Caterers Sale Evolves Into Cake Number Sequence

First, there was Fibonacci, then the Lazy Caterers and next up is the Cake Number Sequence.

When we started with the mathematically themed sales themes we never thought they'd generate so many sales or as many customer inquiries about what the hell we were doing. "Who's Fibonacci? What's a Lazy Caterer? Have you ever been to that Tea Shop in the Peak District who make you pick your own cutlery?" We never expected such a barrage of questions about products or so many tales of poor culinary service; you've fairly rushed our customer service department off their feet. Frankly, we've heard so much about the food service industry these past seven days anyone would think Gordan Ramsay had been in with us.

With all that behind us, the sale evolves into its third week with the switch to the next number sequence in our mathematical sales program. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Cake Number Sequence! The Lazy Caterers number sequence was derived from the maximum number of pizza segments that you can create with the minimum number of edge to edge cuts. The Cake Number Sequence is a more evolved beast and adds in the third dimension. Basically, it's the maximum number of regions that any 3D cube can be cut into with the minimum number of edges to edge slices- easy eh? The Cake Number Sequence is the 3D big brother of the Lazy Caterers.

So for week three there's going to be some seismic changes. it's all about further evolution and the third dimension. The Cake Number Sequence is going to throw up some pricing anomalies due to the much larger jumps between each number. Some might have gone up, an awful lot have come down but one thing is for sure, there are some simply stunning deals.

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5 December 2016

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