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new online marketing manager never shuts up

Planet X, the Yorkshire based bicycle company renowned for its northern roots has hired Chris last as its new marketing manager. 

Chris comes from a long line of suitably unqualified employees and readily accepted the position of Planet X online marketing manager despite his insistence that "I can't use a computer". 

Planet X founder Dave Loughran commented on the appointment "I'm a big believer that passion overcomes experience, Chris is a passionate guy we know this because he already lost two jobs with us for fighting, his knowledge is great, his determination is legendary, and his roots are part and parcel of our history and heritage. I have known Chris personally for over 25 years and it is without question that not once in 25 years does he ever shut up talking.  

If marketing is about communication then Chris is a perfect fit because he never shuts up, I am sure his ability to talk nonstop will overcome his inability to use a computer, 

Chris commented "this is my dream job, I love planet x and have worked on and off with planet x over the years and my lifelong passion for cycling is reflected in my inability to ever stop talking. Provided I don’t have to ever use a computer I am sure I will make a good online; in marketing manager for Planet X and I look forward to joining the team so I don’t have to drive my taxi, "

Chris fought off stiff competition in the form of sponsored rider Fat Baz who despite failing to turn up for two interviews and respond to any calls was only just edged out of the process. 

13 January 2017

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