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Shanghai Show Snapshots

Jamie Burrow our Head of Design and Mark Lovatt our sheriff of nothing have made our first ever visit to the Shanghai cycle show. They say a pictures speak a thousand words and I am certainly too lazy to write a thousand words so without further adieu.

SHanghai Show Pictures 1(Left) Mmmm, could this be the future direction of the bicycle industry? Maybe not
(Right) Split steel top tube with integrated beer holder?

(Left) Sort of cinelli laser style but with a James Bond style killer spike extending out of the down tube.
(Right) Sort of crack cocaine inspired small wheeled cargo bike , is it for 2 or 3 people?

(Left) I actually do want one of these.
(Right) Quite a lot of headset spacers there, I actually dont want one of those. 

(Left) Strong brand names sure to do well in the export markets.
(Right) Anyone know the Frenchman?

(Left) Oh my lord.
(Right) Surely one for Sir Bradley Wiggins. 

8 May 2017

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