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Retul Bike Fits- Get Fitted To Get Fit

There's nothing like the feel of a made to measure suit, elegant tailoring, and that personal touch which ensures that you get a perfectly fitting product that will provide you with years of pleasure. Well, it's just the same for a good bike. Ensuring a proper fit on your new bike will help you ride longer, get stronger and maximise your ability put out peak watts. If you're competing in road race, triathlon or cyclocross a bike fit is an absolute must. Even if you don't aspire to compete there are huge benefits for recreational cyclists as well.

There are a few different methods of fitting riders to bikes and at Planet X we use the Retul bike fitting system. There's no plumb bobs or tape measures in a Retul bike fit; your position on the bike, the relative locations of the contact points on the bike and how it all moves together under pedaling loads and race power output is all captured in millimeter accurate 3D detail by the Retul systems stereoscopic laser vision.

We Retul fit all year round but it always seems like the winter months are the busiest. Rider and racers look to get fitted onto their new race bikes so that they can get a solid pre-season of indoor training under their belts before the serious business of competing takes place once again. In the past couple of months, we've had former 5X National Cyclocross Champion Chris Wreghitt in the hot seat. Chris was fitted up for two new Kakaboulet cyclocross bikes with which he hopes to take the UK and European Masters titles during 2018.

Wildman and seriously competitive Ultra Distance Athlete Matt Pritchard came in for two fits on his custom painted Sleep When You're Dead EC-130E aero road bike and his fully custom Sleep WHen You're Dead EXO3. For an ultra distance athlete like Matt, it's not just about getting the most efficient position on the bike, a Retul fit also offers the opportunity to fine tune position, trading a tiny slice of absolute aero performance for day-long comfort on the bike.

Olympic and World Championship gold medal winning rower Matt Langridge popped in for a fit on his new EXO3 at the end of the summer. Since he retired from professional rowing Matt has found new challenges in the world of triathlon and a Retul fit on his new bike was exactly what he needed to fine tune his position to get the best out of the winter season training on his turbo.

Retul fits can be booked online and last up to 2 hours depending on the type of bike you have. Our team of specialist fitters has years of experience in extracting the perfect fit for any rider and bike. From the position of the cleats on your shoes to the angle of your brake levers on your bars and everything in between, we'll stop at nothing to get you as close to perfection on a bike as possible. If you're training for road race, triathlon, time trial or track cycling there's no easier way to go faster and save watts than by fine-tuning your bike fit. If you're not a racer you can still benefit from the improved efficiency and comfort that a Retul fit can help you find. Book a slot today. Retul fitting costs £150 per bike and Planet X bike owners get a £50 discount. We think it's the best £100 you'll ever spend on your cycling, at least that's what everyone tells us!

3 October 2017

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