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The Day A Holdsworth Knocked On Our Door

Knock Knock

It’s not often that we get un-announced visitors to Planet X HQ, in fact, if your name’s not down you’re not getting in. But for certain people, we’ll make an exception. When a slender, bespectacled American sounding gent and his partner knocked on the doors this morning we wondered if he might not be lost.

“Hi, I’m Andrew, Andrew Holdsworth. I was just wondering if it might be possible come in and take a look at some of your Holdsworth bikes?” Well, what could we say, we were intrigued?

It turns out that not only is Andrew not American, he’s from fine British stock. But he’s actually the grandson of Sandy Holdsworth’s brother! Naturally, there’s cycling in his veins, though it took him until he was in his thirties before the racing bug took a firm hold. He's been keeping an eye on us from afar and we'd noticed him on the Holdsworth facebook page but didn't think for one minute that he'd be related to Sandy himself!

A career in software R&D took him to the States, where he remains to this day. But, a trip back to Ilkley to the old family house seemed like the perfect opportunity to call in and check out the bike brand that his great uncle started all those years ago. After a spell competing in masters MTB events in the US, he's settled back into recreational cycling and spends his time between the office, riding his bikes or sailing his small yacht.

Naturally, we’ll be hooking Andrew up with a new ride. What could be better than closing the circle and putting A.Holdsworth back on the road once again?

10 May 2018


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