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It's gone mad. We've had a stunning first half of the year, with unprecedented demand for our bikes. Because we build the vast majority of our bikes one at a time, so you can spec options, that means that our lead time for bikes being built by our mechanics is now around two weeks!

People were getting upset. Our live chat service has been inundated with people wanting instant gratification, and we have worked out a way to speed things up.

Build Your Own!

For a 15% discount on the regular price, during this busy period we'll ship you an unbuilt bike. 

That gives you even more flexibility to spec your bike how you want, and offers us the chance to get more people on our bikes.

Find the bike you want, add the upgrades you want. Ignore the stuff about what side you want the brakes, and enter the code at checkout - BYO15.

These bikes will require full assembly. You will recieve a frame, uncut fork, wheels and components. You'll need a set of allen keys, grease, chain tool, hacksaw, workstand, setting tool. 

Here are the bikes you can choose from, and at the bottom of the page we've also got a link to the tools you'll need as a minimum (plus a hacksaw for the steerer tube).

10 July 2019

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