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Top 10 Reasons to get an e-bike

The new transport revolution has arrived, and you or someone you know has probably thought about joining in and getting a shiny new steed.

But why an e-bike, that’s cheating isn’t it?
Let’s be honest, who are you actually competing with? Yourself! And cheating yourself would be choosing not to cycle at all. E-bikes are smart, inclusive and the future!
So without further ado, here’s our top ten reasons why you should get one...

1. No more public transport
Why play sweaty sardines on a crowded train or bus when you could be cycling to work under your own steam, arriving more energised and ready for the day ahead.
2. E-asy way to get fit
We all worry that we aren’t fit enough, and e-bikes make cycling super accessible. 
No matter your age, where you live or your fitness level, an e-bike can reconnect you to the simple joy of pedalling. No need to worry about the hills, your bad back, knees or any of that. You choose the level of battery assistance you need via an easy to use handlebar controller.

3. You save money
E- bikes can be expensive, but weigh the cost against that of your car or annual travel ticket and it all starts to make sense. The only fuel it needs is electricity and the only extra fuel you’ll need is well earned and guilt-free. (We’re thinking cake…)
4. No license required 
E-bikes are not classed as motorised vehicles and as such can be used on cycle lanes and by anyone over 14 years of age in the UK. (Excludes Northern Ireland).
5. Cut your commute time in half
Cycling puts you in control of your commute. You can reach roughly 15mph on an e-bike, while the average speed of cars in cities at rush hour is about 8mph! Idling in traffic or waiting for a bus or train will become a thing of the past.
6. Increased Confidence
Having a battery boosts more than just your legs! With an e-bike you don’t have to worry about feeling too tired to get back home, meaning you can cycle to work or explore further afield with peace of mind.


7. Great for your physical and mental health
Research suggests that people who cycle to work weigh an average of less than those who commute by car. 
Plus, cycling connects you to the world around you - the sights, sounds and smells of a bike ride and those random ‘good mornings' from passersby will do wonders for you. And it’s free!
8. No sweat!
E-bikes allow you to be more flexible - no Lycra required. You can commute in your work clothes without having to change. If you have panniers too you can carry more with much less effort - think food shopping.
9. Work smarter not harder
No time for the gym or even that zoom-class? Get your exercise done whilst you are cycling to work. Win-win! 
E-bikes don’t do all the work for you. It’s definitely still exercise that’ll raise your heart rate and release those feel-good endorphins. You choose the level of assistance you want from the controller on your handlebars. 

10 Green Travel
If you’re conscious about recycling but want to do more, then replacing your car journeys with a cycle ride is the number one way to have a positive impact on the environment.

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Happy pedalling!

6 July 2020

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