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12 tooth track sprockets - like hen's teeth (until now!

12 tooth track sprockets - like hen's teeth (until now! Do you realise just how difficult it is to get hold of a 12 t fixed sprocket? I spent the best part of Wednesday surfing the net trying to get hold of one...and believe me it's not easy! If that was hard.....finding a lock ring to fit is nigh on impossible! No...take the "nigh on" out there....I found it impossible! Phil Wood apparently make them but I couldn't find anywhere in the UK that stocked them. Then I thought......why not ask! So I mailed Brant who responded straight away with some interesting engineering statistics about torque, fatigue, stress etc (which came as some relief because I thought he was going to say nobody stocks them because nobody wants them!) but....."leave it with me" he said. Within half an hour or so they were on order. Is that good or what ...

14 July 2008


  • summers

    Whatever happened to the lock rings for 12T sprockets?

  • Peter Jenkins

    No, not just for those with tree trunk legs. Take this example: 39 12 87.75 6.83 52 16 87.75 6.83 You end up with same gear; but 39/12 is better for acceleration while 52/16 is better for steady pace. There’s more to gears than the development.

  • nasty

    tough guys!!! 12t sprockets??? someone must have treetrunk thighs... goldtech make 'em sugino also do 12t with specific lockring - on ebay, search "njs" and pay *heaps* definately a niche product, and typical of px to cater to the niche market...

  • to55er

    Like I said 12s mate! Brant won't fail. Watch this space!