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Sizing Info - What size am I?

Take a look at the FAQ pages for each bike for a rough sizing guide. These are guidelines only but should give you and idea where to start. Stealth Pro Carbon - Time Trial/Triathlon SL Pro Carbon - Road Pro Road Ti - Road Sportive Ti - Road Sporting SL Team Alu - Road Uncle John - Cyclo Cross Kaffenback - Steel Trainer/All rounder Pro Carbon Track - All Carbon Track Here's a gallery of Planet X riders of all shapes and sizes with a few details of what worked for them. Rider : Ian Cammish (PX team rider - Time Trial) Height: 6ft 2ins (188cm) Inside Leg: 34" (86cm) Weight: 13st (83kg) Frame Size: Stealth Pro Carbon LARGE. Pro Carbon Track Frame (as in picture) MEDIUM Stem Length: 13cm on both bikes Comments: Feels great - tip...go for one size smaller on the track frame than on the Stealth (like I did!) Rider : Patrick Brennan Team A3CRG Height: 178cm Inside Leg: 81cm Weight: 68kg Frame Size: Stealth Pro Carbon 650C X-SMALL. Stem Length: 9cm Comments: Love it. Really get over the bike and “feel as one with the machine”. Rider : Ric Gordon, Captain, Team Planet X Masters (USA) Height: 5'8" (173cm) Inside Leg: 30" (76cm) Weight: 150 lbs (68kg) Frame Size: Stealth Pro Carbon MEDIUM. Stem Length: 100mm Adjustable positioned down the max 45 degrees, with no spacers. Comments: Seat height is 100% of leg length to the top of the greater trochanter. Drop from saddle to top of arm rests is about 12cm. I like a longer top tube than most so went for the medium and used the adjustable stem to maintain a good drop from saddle to tri bars. Rider : Paul Curran Height: 5'6" (168cm) Inside Leg: 30.5" (77.5cm) Weight: Mind yer own business Frame Size: SL Pro Carbon Road SMALL Stem Length: 13cm Comments: I did contemplate a ‘medium’ but Mark Lovatt said the ‘small’ was my size. He was right…the top tube and head tube would have been too big on the med. I got my riding position no prob. on the small. Far too many gears on it though…who needs 20 !!! Now when I was a lad……… Rider : Hywel Davies (Px Team Rider - Triathlon and Time Trial) Height: 5'9" (175cm) Inside Leg: 30" (76.2cm) Weight: 70kg Frame Size: Stealth Pro Carbon SMALL Stem Length: 15cm Comments: I seem to keep changing every year. I have experimented with a number of stems and saddle heights. A short or a downwards sloping stem is great for short TTs but prevents too much movement over a longer TT or Ironman. Saddle height is at: 71cm (top of saddle to centre of BB) and reach from end of saddle to handlebar is 54cm Rider : Grip Smashstone (Stuntman and part time Ninja Warrior) Height: 5'10" (177cm) Inside Leg: 32" (81cm) Weight: 74kg Frame Size: Stealth Alu SMALL Stem Length: Never you mind, anyway it was cold in there Comments: A small is perfect for getting low and tucked, with elbows at 90 degrees, so long as you can avoid hitting your knees on the pads Rider : Paul Rothe - Triathlete Height: 6'3" (190.5cm) Inside Leg: 34" (86cm) Weight: 87kg Frame Size: Stealth Pro Carbon X-LARGE Stem Length: 11cm Comments: Feels comfortable however I have flexibility issues in my lower few vertebrate (see “hump” in my back) which causes lower back pain. Currently tilting saddle a touch and finding that being more stretched out (plus some core work) is relieving this. Rider: Sebastian Nurmela Height: 5'8" (171.5cm) Inside Leg: 32inches (81cm) Weight: 77kg Frame Size: SL Team Alu - MEDIUM Stem Length: 130mm. 10 deg rise Comments: I really like the long top tube and shorter head tube of the SL Team frame

30 July 2008


  • kim kerton

    looking for my next bike but my current frame 62cm feels too big. I'm 6ft4 insideleg 36.5 inches with a short back and back ache . can i get a smaller frame with a longer seat post?

  • Kevin holt

    Hey there looking toget the px road bike on Tuesday! But not sure in size i am 178cm tall and at mo ride a old px stealth frame! Med or large I will be using the bike for ironman distance France and uk 70.3

  • andy

    We're happy to add anyone to the list who'll send us a photo and a bit about themselves. So yes. Any ladies out there riding XXS or XS Stealths drop us an email

  • Trigress

    How about some female riders, preferably in the short section, using one of the 650 bikes?

  • Justin

    Hello - I'm ordering my Stealth TT bike this week - can't wait. I'm sonfused about size - I'm 5.8 and a half and have very long legs - inside leg 33 inches. When I was in the UK I visited GB cycles and they recommended a Medium, although using your website suggests Small by your guilelines... I also have had some lower back pain in the past....any advice????

  • ryan wong

    Where are all the specs/geometries on your mountainbikes? In particular, looking for info on the size small splittail. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I'm the same height as you except my legs are 1in longer, and I've used both 56 and 58cm frames and can't say I've noticed much difference! If you don't have lower back flexibility issues, then I'd say go for a large, or if you do, go for the X-L

  • Will Long

    Hi I am very excited about getting an all carbon bike, I have been looking at Trek Madones but they are too expensive for me. So this would be ideal, however I am worried about my size! I have got a Trek 1.2 alu bike and it has a 58cm frame size, which was fitted to me in a specialist shop. I am 6'1" (186cm in new money) and am relatively new to cycling as part of triathlon. I have 33" inside legs so look like a gibbon (long torso and arms - relatively short legs) HELP me please, so I can buy one of your road bikes (in black). Will

  • Jake

    Paul; I have a similar problem to yours (the ligaments at the base of my spine are 'set' due to a fractured vertebrae) and back pain generally ruins/ends most of my rides. Have you found that a larger frame with longer reach helps stop the back pain? Thanks, Jake

  • jdpolson

    Hi all, I'm currently researching various weight loss programs and courses. So, if you don't mind please answer in this topic: What’s your single most important question about weight loss? Cheers, JD

  • to55er

    .....and Patrick Brennan's XS Stealth looks bloody great. Everything is so well proportioned.....innit?

  • to55er

    REALLY good to see Mr Curran looking so well. Hi Paul.

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