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Tubs for your Ironman - What to get?

It's Ironman season in the UK with the BIG WOODY and IMUK both looming. We're getting asked a lot what tubs we'd recommend for the big day. Here's our guide to what we've got and what you should choose. Your tub choice depends a lot on what category you'd put yourself in as a rider. Making the right choice can be the difference between a good race and a great one. Choose carefully! Category 1: I'm going to be out on the bike a fair while, I'm willing to sacrifice a little speed for comfort and puncture protection Tufo S33 Special - 21mm Weight:~260g Excellent grip and puncture protection Tufo Elite Ride - 23mm Weight:~250g A wider profile tyre for additional comfort, grooved tread expels water. Great in the wet. Category 2: I'm Mr or Mrs average (if any Ironman athlete can be called that). I want a tyre I can rely on to get me around, but don't really want to sacrifice speed Tufo S3 Pro - 21mm Weight:~195g Strictly classed as a track tub, but we've found they work REALLY well on the road too. A certain Mr Cammish does the majority of his road miles on these. Pretty fast, pretty light. A good all round choice. Makes an excellent choice for a spare as they fold up nice and small. Tufo S3 Lite 215g - 21mm Weight:~215g Our most popular triathlon tubular. Very good puncture protection due to special construction with a tread that wraps around the sidewall. Light and fast rolling. More durable than the S3 Pros - The best all round choice for most riders Category 3: This is it for me. I'm fast and I want that Hawaii slot. Tufo Elite Jet 160g - 20mm Weight:~160g Light, fast rolling but with less puncture resistance than a heavier tyre. Still tough enough for most conditions, but will puncture more easily if it's lashing down with rain and washing grit onto the roads. Category 4: I'm a pro. I'm very fast and I'll stop at nothing to get that Hawaii slot. I want the VERY best Dugast Speed Diamond Silk (20 or 22mm) Weight:- ~230g Silk sidewalls, lightweight diamond tread pattern. Very fast rolling. Hand made in France to the highest specification. Ride these and you'll never go back to "normal" race tyres again. As ridden to victory at IMUK 2007 by Scott Neyedli. Planete X "Artisan" Hand made silk time trial tubs. Weight:~235g Our own specification silk tubs. Made for us by FM Boyeaux. Simply put, they're the best tubs you can buy, bar none. We bought them simply because we could! Bike pervs of the world prepare to be amazed by the best performing tubs you'll ever ride.

7 August 2008


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  • Stephen

    Probably the best article I've read on this sort of thing in ages. Cheers!

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