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Honjo Who? - Mudguards too nice to get wet

Honjo Who? - Mudguards too nice to get wet Why should triathletes and roadies be the only ones allowed to have a bit of bling on their bikes eh? No longer. Planet X boss Dave scours the world for ever more exotic, high spec and just damn fine components for all types of bikes, not just the fast carbon ones. These mudguards from Honjo Koken are hand hammered! That's right, totally handmade by one Japanese guy and his hammer. The result? Simply the finest mudguards available ANYWHERE. Drool HERE.

16 September 2008


  • David

    So which type is the wider - and will they accommodate 35mm tyres?

  • Lucinda Vega


  • Alex

    Hi Jon - there are 2 types of mudguards by Honjo Koken and one by SKS. The SKS ones are for frames that don't have clearance for full mudguards - they clip onto the stays and the forks and provide a low level of coverage. The Honjo Kokens are full mudguards. There are 2 different types - one is for use on frames with minimal clearance, the other for use on frames with wider tyres and more mudguard clearance. If you click on the descriptions, there is a bit more detail.

  • Jon

    Can you explain the difference between the three types you have for sale

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