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Paolo Guerciotti is one of the legendary Italian brands, its much revered by Dave since his first ever race bike was a lovely pearl white, admittedy miles too big, Guerciotti that he time trialled his teenage years on with zero success, and performed incredibly badly in several road races. 25 years on and Guerciotti are still going strong and is run by Alessandro the son of Paolo - and Dave's been searching for an Italian framebuilder to produce for us a limited edition lugged track bike made out of Italys finest materials in the home of the cycle industry. Anyway - on the way, the search has uncovered a hidden stash of lovely lugged road frames, made out Columbus Thron. We're considering getting a batch in, not only for our time trial series but because, well if you dont know were not even going to tell you why. Heres a selection - Price will be £399 for frame/fork/dura ace headset.

22 October 2008


  • andy

    hi. i'm curious if you have any 55 pista frames. and if so, are you willing to ship to the san francisco bay area?

  • ade

    HELLO , What sizes are available ? I'm after a 54cm or a 55cm frame/fork combo.

  • jesper

    Yes, i am interested. size 59-61 or so.

  • Rollo

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Very nice. I'll start saving! What kind of drop-outs do they have?

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