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Staff Bikes :: What are we riding?? Pt2

Staff Bikes :: What are we riding?? Pt2 Number two in a series of "what the staff are riding" (how many in the series depends on how many of the camera shy PlanetX staff I can get to pose with their bikes). Part 2 is my new ride for the winter. After my first proper season of time trialling I've had a bit of a break, got dead unfit a a tad wobbly round the middle, so what better way to get some fitness back than to a) stop eating so many cakes and b) enter a few local cross events. See wheel builder Marks Ti Sportive in Part 1 HERE I've painful memories of riding cross at Ashton Court Bristol a few years back on a mountain bike and know that just the thought of getting round what seems like an hour at maximum heart rate is a good motivator to get me back on my bike. Besides which riding trails and bridleways in the dark adds a bit of "interest" and I HATE riding on the road in the dark even more than I dislike those pointless little Presta valve cap thingies. I'm really not serious enough to merit a "proper" cross bike (and wifey would have a few choice words to say if I turned up with ANOTHER bike), so my trusty Pompino has gone in for a bit of a conversion. I'm riding it fixed at the moment 34/18 ratios - but I'll be chickening out and getting a freewheel on there before the first race. For now doing big skidders is plenty of fun so the fixed is staying on. I'm guessing at a 16 or 17T for racing but I'll have a play about a bit more first and get the hang of this one gear off road stuff. Anyone up for Hell of the North Cotswolds next year?? Frame: On-One Pompino (120mm spaced) Wheels: PX A57 Rims on On-One track hubs Bars: Nitto Noodle 44cm Bar Tape: Toshi Black Leather Cranks: Shimano R600 Compact (34 inner ring only) Tyres: Conti Twister 38mm (there's just enough clearance for these given a bit of tweaking with chain length) Stem: PX Superlight 3D Forged Saddle: Fizik Arione Ti Seatpost: An old USE carbon MTB post I had knocking about in my box of bits.

23 October 2008


  • Planet X Bicycles » Start the day right…or wrong!

    Andy’s a bit keen isn’t he? here I had my winter lay off planned for a week next Thursday but might have it tomorrow afternoon now

  • andy

    I've added a link further up this article for ya. Or go here... or scroll down a bit on the homepage.

  • Jake

    is there a link to the pt1 of this? me got a need for some velo porn...

  • Rich P

    A cool ride no doubt...the world had gone fixie mad

  • Rob

    Mate I was at the real Hell of the North this year riding around (well carrying the bike for a fair bit of it) in torrential rain and knee deep mud and all on a big heavy mountain bike to get ready for the double So if you feel like a bit of an off road endurance ride next year give me a shout - apart from the fact shouldn't you be indoors changing nappies See you soon mate Rob

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