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Just In - If you Honjo Koken Mudguards were Rare !! The

Just In - If you Honjo Koken Mudguards were Rare !! The We're very proud to run a company that scours the globe to find the most exotic and bizarre crazy bike stuff on offer. When we unveiled the ubiquitous rarer than hens teeth Honjo Koken mudguards that would surely be the pinnacle of sourcing a product that could not be sold. I mean, in this day and age of injection moulding and throw away mass production who really wants a totally handmade and hand hammered aluminium fender that takes around two hours to install, harks back to the production methods of the 1950s and costs over £60. UPDATE:- IN STOCK AND AVAILABLE TO ORDER NOW HERE So when our Keirin guru and new in house street trackie bod (more next week when he starts) gave us the wishlist of his must haves for 2009 we were intrigued to find out when at the top of his list was the "dildo bar". After extensive underground research and some protracted negotiations with the founder and DJ Ueda Kenichi San we emerged as exclusive European distributor for the uber cool METALLICO TSUCHINOKO BAR also known as the Dildo bar Available in lengths in 320 / 350 / 380 / 440 / 500 Youll be seeing more next week, they arrived today and are utterly bonkers, and a hefty £60 ish retail. Even Honjo Kokens look normal next to these.

30 October 2008


  • Dildo bars - London Fixed-gear and Single-speed

    Dildo bars - Just noticed on the Planet-X site that they, appear to now be the sole UK importer of Dildo bars and by the looks of things they'll be available in sizes and colours later this week at around

  • nasty

    andy - thats called the dogs dick style... looks best with clear yoshidas... mebbe ourys would be a tad kinky...

  • andy

    Can you stretch a Keirin grip over them or would that be a tad kinky??

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