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Spencer Tests Prototype TT Frame - THIS WEEKEND!

Spencer Tests Prototype TT Frame - THIS WEEKEND! More National Relays news. Planet X Team captain Spencer Smith looks set to test the first sample prototype of an as yet unnamed, unfinished, top secret TT frame. The frame is currently in the (hopefully safe) hands of an express courier and on the way to our Doncaster HQ ready for assembly in time for this coming Saturday's event. Literally hot out the oven! Fully built bike pics as soon as we have them or come and see the bike in the flesh this weekend. FOLLOW OUR TWITTER FEED FOR THE VERY LATEST UPDATES.

19 August 2009


  • Thomas

    It's gone quite on the new frame... Is there a verdict yet?

  • fairweathercyclist

    Where's the pictures then? dying to see what I can slober after next.

  • Slimswim

    Next for me is Bodmin Sprint in September, followed by Cardiff half marathon in October & the 100 mile Exmoor Beast Sportive on November 1st. Looking forward to next year already & will be doing Wimbleball 70.3 again hoping to beat my time from last year of 5:50, had only done two sprint tri's prior to that so I was well chuffed. Maybe an IM next year if the old body allows. Anybody from PX wanting a challenge should take on the Exmoor Beast.......

  • Richard Prince

    Slimswin good to hear you had a great weekend...back to work for everyone. Thank god we love our work and get to talk about bikes and events, athletes everyday...what's next

  • Slimswim

    Back to work after a fantastic weekend in Nottingham with Somerset RC Tri. Got more than a glimpse of the new TT frame as I enjoyed a chat with Spencer as the bike was being set up for him on Saturday morning. It's looking cool & with Spencer onboard it's defiantly riding fast, shame about the seat parting company with the post but that's what testing is all about. I know we can rely on Planet X to iron out the glitches & produce another quality machine. Well done to Spencer & the rest of the team.

  • andy

    Really too early to tell when it's likely to be available - depends how the testing goes over the coming weeks. We're still waiting for the sample to show up, so it's really going to be touch and go as to whether Spencer gets to ride it this weekend. Even if it's not ready for tomorrow, Spencer is at the Little Woody (I think) and the Vitruvian the following weekend so it'll be given a good going over to get the big man's opinion. When we've got the frame built up we'll get some photos online ASAP.

  • [email protected]

    I'm about to order a Stealth but maybe it's worth waiting for the new TT frame... :) How soon can we eager triathletes get a glimpse of the new bike? When are you expecting it out on the market??

  • Slimswim

    Will be looking out for that, might get a glimps as Spencer passes me.

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