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It's that time of year once more, the clocks are about to go back, and yet more daylight gets removed from your day! We'll light up your journey with super-deals on super-bright LED commuter lights. Like the Luu LEDs we are keeping the prices lower than the competition. We found these from a Japanese LED Light manufacturer. The range includes quality Japanese Nichia LEDs and has from low power high brightness micro LED's for massive burn times from tiny batteries to – 3W power rated LED's to see you through even the darkest streets. FIND THEM HERE NOW! NRX 35 and NRX30 - 3W Headlights - FROM £49.99 Stevo’s favourite compact bright and cheap, say no more. These compact HighPower 3W LED lights (3w = approx 2000cd) are ideal for cycle commuting in the city. Be safe. Be seen. At this price you can load up your handle bars like Quadrophenia! X10CS - 1W Headlights - £19.99 A 1W LED at this price?? An ideal commuter light. Compact portable and easy to remove from your bike when you pop into the shops. MX1 Micro Lights - £7.99 These tiny LED lights may be little but will certainly get you noticed. The micro LED packs a lot of punch for its size. Pick your colour and glam up your bike! The stretchy silicon outer means you can stick it pretty much anywhere on the bike bike -bars, tubes, seatpost. Batteries included. The perfect emergency light. Front and rear available.

22 October 2009


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