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NEW Ti Stick QR Levers - Weight Weenie Heaven!

NEW Ti Stick QR Levers - Weight Weenie Heaven! New in this week. Our HOT Ti Stick quick release levers. With their titanium skewer and carbon fibre lever, these svelte little beauties weigh in at JUST 50g (YES FIVE-ZERO) on our scales. That's about 1/3 the weight of a typical set of CroMo skewers and 40g lighter than many other top brand Ti after market skewers! They're lighter and lets face it prettier than any other ti skewer out there. AVAILABLE NOW IN 3 COLOURS - PIMP YOUR RIDE!! SKEWER PAIRS £29.99 - ORDER HERE

18 November 2009


  • Mr X.

    When will the black and red ones be back in stock?

  • CMAC

    Will you be getting more of these as I want another red pair and you are sold out?

  • Peter

    are these good for mtb bikes?

  • CMAC

    I bought a pair of these for my Pro Road Ti in red. They are bloody lovely and light and tarty. My old ones weigh as much as a small battleship in comparison.

  • andy

    Yes. Weight is per pair. They weigh next to sod all.

  • dave

    50g even, or 43g, or whatever it is, is it per pair?

  • dave

    Is the quoted weight of 45g each or per pair?

  • Tim

    Any chance of the red brakes being back in stock soon to go with the red skewers? They would look great on my TT bike.

  • andy

    Hi Ridin8dude - drop me an email. [email protected]

  • Ridin8ude

    Oh man you guys always do this! I just bought the brakes before the offer started. Haven't put them on the bike yet - maybe I should return them and re-order so I can get a nice matching set of TI skewers!!!

  • mondo121

    Andys scales must be incorrect as I have weighed the ti sticks at 43grammes !!! Planet X Ti Sticks are still £20 cheaper than the qr's you have listed in the link though

  • Paul

    You might want to check the skewers at ( before making your claim about them being "lighter..than any other it skewer out there". I'd still get yours though, as I have to use my money to buy such things!

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