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They're the Frogs Bollox :: New Canti Brakes in Stock N

They're the Frogs Bollox :: New Canti Brakes in Stock N At last! A lightweight, wide profile canti brake with great mud clearance, great weight AND great stopping power. Made by the same factory as our best selling, review winning CNC Ultralight road brakes, these NEW canti brakes won't look out of place on any tourer, commuter or out and out lightweight cross racer. CNC construction makes them super light without sacrificing stiffness. Available in stealthy black or "look at me" gold bling. ORDER ONLINE NOW

30 November 2009


  • New brakes for the Kaffenback « Ichthus Cyclista

    brakes for the Kaffenback Well, the Frogs thingy’s are on. What a difference!  Well worth the effort of replacing the LX old school cantis.

  • adam

    just got my new pomp with these. very good stopping power, no squeal and fairly easy to set up.

  • Alb

    Hi, this canti Brakes are a good option for the specialized transition, that uses cantilever?

  • andy


  • Dyfed

    Thanks. And do they come with straddle cables?

  • dave

    theyre more adjustable than empella and hae a nice adjustment feature

  • summers

    Cammish looking at canti brakes - whatever next ;) Look good to me anyway, any significant differences from an obvious competitors brakes?

  • to55er

    "Frogs Bollx" ffs Andy :-)

  • Ed

    If only you did them in pink.... (hint!) ;)

  • Dyfed

    Do those pads have toe-in adjustment?

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