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Help Choose the 2010 Team Jersey

Help Choose the 2010 Team Jersey

Rumours abound that 2010 is set to see the return of Planet X as a headline sponsor of a national pro road team. The boss has been doing his best to keep things hush hush until now, but co-sponsors couldn't help but let the cat out of the bag when they asked their readers to HELP CHOOSE THE 2010 TEAM JERSEY. Help by picking your favourite! More news on the site next week.

15 January 2010


  • coops

    Whichever will make my big ass look even just a little bit more athletic...;-)

  • CT7

    Light blue and red or black and red

  • Slimswim

    Would have to be be Dev7 if the team wants to look different from everyone else out there.

  • Dyfed

    Retro 7 (sky blue with black side panels). It's like the original Superlight Team colours. Hey, while I'm on the subject, bring back the original Superlight Team frame; mine's getting scratched and tatty!

  • Tom

    The Del Tongo one gets my vote too

  • Mike Owen

    The green and red retro belgian one. Got to be.

  • Rob

    Got to be the Del Tongo Copy Option, then you can get Dave to Model it whilst sulking all the way to Mabelthorpe after being dropped on Barlborogh Hill

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