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Guerciottis Are Coming

Guerciottis Are Coming

Planet X boss Dave (pictured) has a super soft spot for Italian brand Guerciotti as it's the first bike he ever bought. Well ok, his dad bought it! 30 years on, after a chance meeting at Eurobike with Alessandro Guerciotti, we're going to be bringing one of the classic Italian marques to the UK market.

Keep an eye on the site, there's some big deliveries coming in the next few weeks including a lovely batch of classic Italian frames that we've literally stolen from Alessandro and will be passing on at great prices.

The first batch includes a limited series of hand built alloy frames out of Italy's finest tubing from the likes of Deda and Columbus as well as more recent carbon exotica that have been ridden by the likes of Gilberto Simoni and Michael Scarponi.

Even 'Mr Cynical', Mark Lovatt, had already signed up to a Deda U2 scandium alloy frame with full carbon seat and chainstays, and make no mistake, this first batch is classic Italian thoroughbred stock so be very quick and sign up.

Either buy one to ride and cherish, or if you've got an entrepreneurial spark you could just resell them on eBay and make some cash. That's not really the spirit, but let's just say this is a first and last NOS special purchase. Just don't hang around, when they're gone they're gone!

5 May 2010


  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Hi John, Funny you should mention the Xcrow, we just published this: (copy and paste the link into your browser) Custom builds like this one are no problem at all! As for your questions, the answer is yes to both, just make sure you use some more viscous oil on the chain (WD40 washes straight off).

  • John Millen

    Hi there again! Having bee very impressed with me Guerciotti you built for me (bellisimo!) and looking at the other Guercy frames, can yo do a build on a X-crow frame for a cyclo x bike? Might be interesting. Can't afford it yet but maybe one day! Also, can I hang my Guercy vega up on padded hooks by the top tube, or will this stress the frame? Not sure how strong carbon is. Finally, I have been degreasing chains for years using WD40before re oiling. Is this a good method??? Thanks for your time, you have some excellent products! Best Wishes, John Millen

  • RobH

    Is that my Clowne Wheelers Shirt !

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