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Planet X Introduce Campagnolo Build

Planet X Introduce Campagnolo Build

After years of being asked, hassled, reminded and begged we've finally managed to get a Campagnolo build into our range and what a stunner it's going to be.

Yes, Planet X from the end of May are going to be offering up an 11 speed Campagnolo Athena range of bikes featuring Campagnolo carbon cranks and wheels.

With prices starting at just £1199 for a Superlight Pro Carbon with Athena 11 speed and Khamsin wheels, we're going to set a new benchmark for Campagnolo.

Prices and specs to be confirmed next week, but in true Planet X style, interested parties should sign up to the newsletter now because there's going to be a very special introductory offer for the first 100 customers going Italian.

5 May 2010


  • NickC

    Any ideas when these might be available?

  • NickC

    Re SteveS's comment on weeks on Saturn; a day on Saturn lasts 10.5 Earth hours. So, it almost certainly isn't two Saturn weeks, most probably Italian time as already suggested. Just one thought, do the Italians have the whole of August as holiday like the Spanish?

  • DavidD

    It would be good to see time trial bikes built up with Campag groups. D

  • JonB

    Should be arriving end of this week (18th June). Bikes should be available next week. Just goes to show that sometimes Italian time is the slowest of all.

  • SteveS

    This week seems to be drifting out towards Saturn now, any news on these builds?

  • DougU

    Thanks for the srcutiny of the definition for a Mars week Nick. Excellent. It's my birthday on Sunday and I thought that this Campag spec build would fit the bill but it looks like it will have to wait now. Thanks for the update Jon.

  • JonB

    Sorry everyone, the Campag shipment has been delayed by 2 of our Earth weeks. Rest assured there are some very exciting builds on their way- watch this space for the latest updates.

  • NickC

    Interesting question posed by DougU that is worthy of a little (not so) scientific scrutiny. On Mars a day is just a tad over 24 of our Earth hours. A week on Mars is therefore a few minutes longer than a week on Earth. So we conclude that it isn't a Mars week. Alternatively our Earth orbits the sun in 52 weeks, Mars orbits in just under two years, 1/52nd of Mars' orbit would be about 2 Earth weeks. Again, as the shipment has been delayed we can conclude that it still isn't an Earth week. Let's try a little closer to home, our Moon. A lunar day, one full rotation of the moon, takes about 28 Earth days. Let's hope that we're not waiting for a week of lunar days ..... So what could be meant by 'next week'. let's find an imaginary world where one of it's week is elastic having an initial duration of one Earth week which can then stretch to at least four Earth weeks. What shall we name such a place? Planet-X! Seriously though, can't wait to put the plastic into action.

  • DougU

    Is this a Mars week or an Earth week? Ready and waiting with the credit card.

  • PerryE

    Maybe X-Crow with 10-speed Campy? That would be very tempting for me;)

  • NickC

    Come on guys, the suspense is too much, 'next week' is now 'last week.' Where are the specs and prices?

  • EdS

    Does this mean you're going to offer your carbon wheels with a Campag hub? That would be exciting!

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