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Cammish on the Exocet TT

Cammish on the Exocet TT

I’ve been privileged to be the athlete chosen by Planet X to put the new Exocet time trial / triathlon bike through its paces – if the truth were told I managed to smuggle out a proto-type over the winter without Dave seeing! 

Q    Who are you?
A    I’m Ian Cammish 9 times British time trial champion. I've ridden a lot of bikes in my time.
Q    You’ve been the rider testing the Exocet- how does it compare to the Stealth?
A    The Stealth is, without doubt, a fast bike but the Exocet is definitely faster- I've ridden it and I know!

Q   What's so special about the Exocet then?
A   It has a steeper seat tube which allows a more powerful position. The rear end is rock solid. There’s no flex there at all. Every ounce of effort is transferred through to the rear wheel. The shaping of the tubes aids air flow around the rear wheel– particularly with a lenticular shaped disc. It doesn’t just do the job – it looks good too. I managed two 50-minute ‘25’s on it on my first two outings this year.

Q   Bang for your buck?
A   The bike is really good value for money and a fantastic bike at any price. Don't let the direct-selling-cost-cutting fool you into thinking it's a reflection on the quality because it isn't. It's as good as, if not better, than the competition at a fraction of the cost.

Thanks Ian. We'll be sending your goody bag of bribes in the post tomorrow.

Planet X Exocet Time Trial / Triathlon Bikes Now Available!

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1 June 2010


  • JonB

    Hi Jo-Anne, for now Exocets are sold as complete bikes only, but we do have a new batch of frames new in stock that may well be sold as framesets. Watch this space.

  • Jo-AnneM

    No framesets listed - more coming?

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