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SRAM Red SL Pro Carbon - Q and A

SRAM Red SL Pro Carbon - Q and A

Then SRAM Red SL Pro Carbon is the best bike deal we've ever done. It's generating a lot of questions so we're trying to answer them on this page.

Update as of 22nd October: The next batch of SL Pro frames are due to arrive 5th November and bikes will begin to be built after that date on a first come first served basis. You will receive an email with your exact build date nearer the time.


Q. How are you able to offer this at such a low price?

The price is low because there is no middle man. We also have a different approach from the rest of the bike business. By keeping overheads low we can pass on big savings to you.

Q. Why are you selling this at such a low price?

Value is at the core of what we do, but it's try to say this offer is exceptional. The reason is simple, and a little embarrasing. We are massively over stocked of SRAM Red, thanks to a good old fashioned cock-up. And that VAT man is calling. Simple as that. This isn't going to happen again so grab yourself a bargain.

Q. If I order now when will I get my bike?

As expected SL Pro's are selling like hot cakes! The frames are arriving here on September 15th and then will be hand assembled into bikes on a first come first served basis. This is an extremely popular offer and we will do our very best to get orders delivered as soon as possible with the minimum of delay. Orders received today (September 1st) are due to be dispached by October 8th.

Update: Orders placed on or after August 26th will be built from the 2nd batch of SL Pro frames. These frames are due to arrive no later than October 10th. You will recieve an email around that time detailing your exact build date.

Q. Can I use the bike to work scheme with this bike

Yes. Although the scheme is only meant to go up to £1000, we give you the option to pay the difference direct. Simply add the bike and any accessories to the basket and click the "bike to work" payment option. For more details click here.

Q. Can I change the spec on this bike

We build these bikes on site, but in this case at this price we can't offer any other build options beyond what is shown on the customise page.

Q. Can I have different coluored forks to the frame? 

The frames are sent to us complete with forks, so unfortunately they have to be the same colour as the frame, whichever option you choose on the customise page.

Q. I don't want to wait. What can I do?

We still have a few fixed spec SL Pros in stock and available in limited sizes and colours. These are in stock for quick dispatch.

SL Pro Carbon - SRAM Red

SL Pro Carbon - SRAM Rival

Let us know if you have any other questions and we'll add them to this list.

Note: If you have made an order and you require any further info please email Rob Wells at [email protected]

For all general inquiries and technical assistance please contact Ian Cammish at [email protected]

6 August 2010


  • AndrewW

    My Sram Red bike arrived a couple of weeks and it's awesome!!!! But then it is my first carbon frame. The DPD delivery man was a bit of a prat though, I'd changed the delivery date online, but because it was already in his van he wanted to deliver it instead of take it back to the warehouse.

  • AndrewM

    Got mine today and it looks and feels fantastic, thanks PX

  • Mark Walsh

    Hi. I received confirmation my bike build (SO0023690) was scheduled for last friday (15th October). I have heard nothing further and have received no response to a couple of email enquiries. Any update would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    I've passed your inquiry onto Rob, who is the bike build manager. His direct email address is: [email protected] Cheers.

  • RichardG

    Hi , just wondered if you had a build date for my bike ,order number SO0027040 date 17th September. Cheers Richard G

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Hi Shirish. None of our bikes come with pedals but we have a good selection in stock if you would like to order some.

  • Shirish Tiwari

    My order number is SO0023913. Does the bike comes with pedals?

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Hi Per, Rob Wells in Customer Service will contact you about your order. Many thanks.

  • PerH

    Hi, my order is: SO0021559 and when will my bike arrive? Ordered on august 23rd. Me too live in Sweden. I hope be able to ride it before the snow comes aswell ;-) Cheers Per

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Hi there Wayne, no problem at all to use your SL Pro on a turbo trainer. Just make sure you have a decent rear skewer with metal ends (ideally a turbo trainer specific one)- some lightweight skewers will quickly get chewed up.

  • ScottC

    Quick update - done several rides now, including some commutes to work! and can't recommend the bike enough. It rides so well and is really smooth and comfortable. Top job Planet X

  • Wayne Smith

    Hi, I was wondering what Planet Xs view is on using these on a turbo trainer. I've read conflicting things about the use of carbon frames on a trainer. Many Thanks, Wayne

  • Simon B (Planet X Team)

    Adrian, oops! I've passed on your details to Ray, who will sort this out for you today, so keep your phone on.

  • Adrian Littlejohns

    Sorry, Make that, "I can't find the pedals that were ordered with the bike". order ref: SO0022858 Are they coming seperately? Cheers.

  • Adrian Littlejohns

    Hi guys re: order ref: SO0022858. Bike arrived on 30/9. I unpacked it on 1/10. It looks absolutely stunning. Unfortunately I can find the pedals that were ordered with the bike. Are they coming seperately?

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Hi there Par. I think you've left one digit off your sales order number. Best thing to do is to email Rob at [email protected] He'll be able to give you an exact build date. Many thanks, Jon.

  • Allan Blom

    JonB (Planet X Team). Thanks for the info. Shame it couldn't be here next friday. I'll have to use my MTB made hybrid racebike :-) for that trip. Have a nice weekend all of you. Cheers.

  • PrE

    Hi, my order is: SO002398 and when will my bike arrive? I live in sweden. Hopefully I´ll be able to ride it before the snow comes ;) Have an good day, Pär!

  • GordonM

    Used the bike for cummuting all week (not its usual role). It is excellent - well doenguys for getting this at the price you did.

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    JoeM, in answer to your query, the chains are supplied greased from the factory but we'd recommend de-greasing and lubing with a quality wet lube chain oil if possible. All other moving points could do with lubing with a light oil as well.

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Hi Allan. Update on your order 24323, placed 04/09 is as follows. Your frame is due to arrive here on or before 10th October, then it will go into the build queue (should be around 15th October). You'll receive an email around that time confirming the exact date. Then it will be shipped to Denmark which takes 3 days normally so as a rough idea I'd say with you October 18th at the earliest I'm afraid.

  • Allan Blom

    JonB (Planet X Team). When do you expect more news on build/delivery date? Not many days left from "within next two weeks" we were told we would be getting some news!! I cant wait until I get the bike :-) I was hoping to use it for a 90km ride the 8th of october. But I know this wishfull thinking. Cheers

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Manual hold is simply an area in our system where all the pre order SL Pro carbons are stored. Nothing to worry about!

  • BrianC

    My order (SO0023769) is also listed as on "manual hold." what's it mean?

  • JoeM

    Hi PX, Sorry to be a pain and hope not too much of a dopey question but wondering if the bike is lubed (chain specifically)on the build, don't want to apply any unnecessary gunk!

  • AndrewM

    Hi planet X I noticed my order (SO0017856) has gone from awaiting stock to manual hold what does this mean? AndyM

  • JoeM

    Arrived this afternoon and looks superb!Many thanks PX...hope I get the chance to ride it tomorrow although if the weathers wet, don't think I'd wanna risk getting the thing (white frame) dirty!!!

  • SamK

    2 days until mine gets built... I CAN'T WAIT!

  • Joe

    .Hi PX gang, My order SO0017540 has a build date 27 Sep 2010 .So someone can be available for delivery, will this be tomorrow (28th September)? Cheers

  • GordonM

    Hey!! It's here. Thanks guys

  • GordonM

    Well, the good weather is here as requested but still no bike. :o(

  • GunnarB

    Great, thanks!

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Yes Gunnar, your bike is built and will be dispatched today.

  • GunnarB

    Ok, my order number is: SO0021896 / Thanks

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Yes, if you let me know your sales order confirmation number I'll find out

  • GunnarB

    The planned build date for my bike was sept 23. Could you help me check if it has been shipped?

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Hi Constance, shipping time to the USA is between 5 and 8 working days. Thanks.

  • GordonM

    Thanks JonB. I can't wait!!

  • ConstanceD

    What is the ship time to USA??

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Hi Gordon, you're bike has left us today. It may well have been built after the last delivery cut-off yesterday afternoon. You'll get it tomorrow. Many thanks.

  • GordonM

    Got a build date of 22 Sept as well - no sign of any bike :(

  • AdrianL

    Communication has been spot on. Always told build date was 22nd September. Got an email on 23rd saying bike was being delivered between 8am and 9am. Then a text message from DPD saying bike was delivered at 8.30am. Can't wait to get home from work!

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Hi CG, the only difference is the colour and graphics. We tend to take an 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' approach...

  • Simon Walker

    It's here!!!! Build date was Weds 22nd Sept and it just arrived no - 11 am on Thursday 23rd. It's gorgeous!! Unfortunately I have 2 meetings scheduled for today, my daughter has 2 Australian girls over for a hockey tour staying with us tonight and I am off at the crack of dawn tomorrow on family business till Saturday evening so I won't get a chance to ride it till Sunday. How that hell am I going to wait that long.

  • CG

    I see the SL Pro Carbon SRAM Red is a great deal. It looks like it is a 2011 frame/forks. Can you tell me if there have been any updates to the 2010 frame and forks? Thanks

  • Gary DiDonna

    Can anyone tell me what there experience has been in relation to the build date given and the actual date your bike was built. Also, What has been the shipping time to the U.S.A.

  • WarrenA

    Thanks Paul, glad someone had some luck! They haven't attempted to deliver it today either. Each phone call has been met with the same 'oh, we don't know what happened. The driver says he'll be there in half an hour'. They've now asked me to wait around work until 8.00pm as it 'might' turn up. Their rule is 2 attemtpted deliveries then return to send. So Planet X, expect to have my bike back tomorrow!

  • PaulB

    Warren, I had no issues with the delivery other than the fact I put a slightly incorrect postcode...full credit to Ray at Planet X who helped sort it out very quickly, so I still took delivery when DPD said I would..cheers

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Answers on a postcard to [email protected] Frank Campbell's our man on the SL Pro pulse, he's monitoring stocks and sales on a daily basis and seems to have a very competant grasp on these matters. Good point though, Allan

  • Allan Blom

    Hi JonB. How do you control that cut off-date?? If the frames you ordered is for instance, 50pc small, 50pc medium and so on, and 100 people order a medium that would leave 50 buyers without a frame from the first batch even if they ordered before the 26th!! and then if only 30 ordered a size small before the 26th that would leave 20 left in stock!!! if people ordered these after the 26th they would still have to wait or?? Cheers Allan

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