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Lovatts 6.67 kg Illegal Nanolight

I'm taking this home for a special project, I'm going to see if I can make it UCI illegal exclaimed Mr Lovatt last Friday as he left for the weekend with a new Nanolight High Modulus under his arm.

Sure enough come Monday morning, an email was sitting in the inbox, complete with images of the scales to prove his point, pretty hi-tech for Mr L., it was weighing in at 6.67kg!

Mark also claimed that "it put weight on over the weekend" he seemed to think it was something to do with atmospheric pressure in his mam’s garage, apparently it was lighter when he built on Saturday.

Mark Lovatt's UCI illegal 6.67 kg Nanolight Spec:

Nanolight High Modulus: Large 55cm
Shimano Dura-Acr 7900 groupset 175 53/ 39, 11/23  .34.9 band on inc pedals
PX black cnc calipers
PX carbon cage
CNC 130 stem
Pro plt alloy bars
K force 31.6 post
TI seat clamp
SLR time carbon saddle
FSA Carbon headset
Homemade fork bung!!
Nokon black brake cables
Dave's sample 38mm carbon wheels with std spokes
ti carbon skewers
alloy barrel adjusters
vittoria pista tubs

"Reckon i can get lighter when the new carbon bars and seatpost turn up, I've  had samples and they would save another 125 grams" claims Lovatt, which would be 6.545kg

Fancy building yourself, that's even lighter?

We have all these components on our website, apart from Nokon cables and Dave's prototype wheels (but our hand-built Carbon 50 wheels are lighter) Let us know what you think using the comments below.


The UCI officual weight rule.

Further to the decision taken and published in February 1999, the International Cycling Union (UCI) wishes to specify that, in its concern to protect equal chances and the primacy of man over machine in cycling races, its Management Committee has decided to limit the minimum weight of bicycles in competitions (road, track and cyclo-cross) to 6.800 kg from 1st January 2000.



11 August 2010


  • Steev

    Just being a pedant but 125g less would be 6.545kg not 5.42kg.

  • Anonymous

    regardless of the weight, that looks bloody gorgeous - the best example i've seen

  • davidn

    dwn---nice light bike - especially as it has dura ace fitted--you have just built a white nano hm with sram red everthing and all the latest, lightest carbon bits with handbuilt 50s for me--it weighs 6.5kg --its fantastic--shame the rider isnt anywhere near as good as the bike!

  • JulianW

    Stunning - and the standard SRAM Red is light - but to better that, wow! I find that adding bottles, computer and rider (with pockets filled with gels and assorted long ride items) ramps up the weight some-what. When you have the remaining ultra-light components, be sure to confirm the final bike weight with us Mark. I think you might be setting a benchmark.

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