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New SL Pro Carbon unveiled

Finally we're able to show you actual pictures of the new SL Pro Carbon frames. The frames have have bold new graphics and are now available in red, with a plush gloss finish.

The SL Pro Carbon is our top selling carbon race frame, much loved by reviewers and owners. We're currently offering the SL Pro Carbon frame built-up with top-spec SRAM Red at an incredible £1099.99 this offer is a PRE-ORDER ONLY.

If you want to own one of these little beauties, you better be quick, we've already had over 100 pre-orders in the last week and stocks are limited to 500. Click here to pre-order today

Note: If you have made an order and you require any further info please email Rob Wells at [email protected]

For all general inquiries and technical assistance please contact Ian Cammish at [email protected]



Let us know what you think about the new graphics and colour using the comments below.



11 August 2010


  • tellyt

    ow, again: if it aint broke, dont fix. the new graphics lacks grace. SL pro is tradition. less is more. but the font style still lacks grace

  • JohnB

    Hi Jason was just wondering when did you order yours?

  • Jason Lee

    Got my white sl pro today had a quick blast on it feels fantastic long wait but worth it thanks planet x great!

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Hi Aaron, yes the price temporily did go up to £1399 but should be back down to £1099 now. However, we are very close to running out of SRAM Red groupsets so the offer cannot continue for much longer...

  • AaronD

    I was planning to oder one of these since my other and first carbon fibre bike was taken when I was mugged, have I missed out on the Lower £1,099 Please say not cause It woud be my dream bike and I cant afford the new £1,399 price tag :( Thanks

  • BarryT

    Pretty positive comments from me too. Bike ordered 9/9, delivered 22/10 after a very slight delay but good communication form Planet X. Unfortunately both derailleurs needed adjustment which was a little disappointing but made this known to the guys at Planet X and they seem to have dealt with it to my satisfaction. Ordered medium bike in white, it is actually more of a pearl colour, looks and feels great. Pretty happy overall, plenty of jealous fellow cyclists when I have been out on it!

  • MarkW

    It's always nice to leave some positive feedback... and my feedback is nothing but positive! Great looking bike - super communication from Planet X... very happy customer. Looking forward to going and riding it soon (my pedals are fitted - my cleats are set!) Cheers

  • PaulS

    JamieB - I agree the new decals look tops, but I miss the chrome X on the front, I wonder if I can get one after market?

  • jamieb

    Ricky - Im afraid you are wrong. The new font is so much more fresh than the old style. Particularly in grey, it appears to emerge from the base colour.

  • Ricky

    This is a nice bike ....but the PlanetX font is Naff ! As a matter of fact the font I am using here ^ looks better

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Hi Jason, very sorry to hear of your problems. If you placed the order in September you should have been allocated one of the frames that arrived on October 10th. You need to contact the shop directly, as effectively they purchase the bikes from us much like an online customer. They should be able to help you. If you have any comments or issues with the service you have received please do let us know at [email protected]

  • Jason

    I order white large SL pro sram red in september and was told mid october for delivery but the shop which has orderwed it for me contact planet x and they say mid november now, this is not reallly good enough not just having to wait but the lack of planet x informing us with what is going on and why.

  • DavidK

    First 30km spin on my all White PX today, Fantastic, much less harsh than my previous Felt, SRAM is so smooth, i really notice the difference compared to 105, it turned a few heads too!! Loving it, thanks!

  • ScottC

    Thanks all at Planet X. Delivered as communicated, rides really and is a real bargain. Off out for a another ride tomorrow!

  • RichardB

    Build date - 23rd, I received my Large SL with SRAM Red in Black on 24th September in the timeslot I was emailed and texted. First ride this morning through Richmond Park - absolutely fabulous. Very Happy. Thanks Planet X.

  • EmilB

    I got my new SL PRO SRAM RED in XL (Red and White) last friday. I must say - it is the greatest bike I have ever tried - LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT !!!

  • paul owen

    high...ordered a sl pro in black, large, for my son Matthew, any ideas when this may arrive, many thanks...Paul Owen


    Hi Guys, Just showed my new bike to a mate who was convinced a new Focus was the way forward, not so sure now ! Have you got any left - white in large ? Thanks


    Hi Jon, Just a quick note to say thanks, i received my bike on Thursday and although i haven't had a chance to ride it yet - it's gorgeous, even better with your carbon bottle cages fitted.Once again thanks for the communication and to all you guys still waiting - it's going to be worth it.

  • Sjaakv

    My bike was ordered 18 August - but have not received a delivery date just yet. Surely it would have been a frame allocated from the first batch? (order # ends with 63) cheers Sjaak

  • KenB

    Got my White PX in large today and went for a quick 20 miler in a force 10 Gale... - this mauls a 3 year old trek 5.2 Madone - FACT - the ride is superb! will have to do minor adjustments tomorrow due to the chain ever so slightly catching the front Derailler and the back break caliper not closing centrally (over tightening of the break cable) Overall a bostin bike for the money - buy it quick!! Ken

  • Simon B (Planet X Team)

    Hello David, let us know how it rides! cheers for sharing your excitement

  • DavidK

    My White Px has shipped, dam im excited!!!!

  • WarrenA

    Simon, yes, I did speak to Rob thank you. He's sorted something out for me, so I'm a lot happier. Just keep riding your supplier to get those Dura Ace wheels delivered. Pun very much intended!

  • Simon B (Planet X Team)

    Warren, I understand you've spoke to the lovely Rob this morning, his minds like a laser so I'm sure he's getting it sorted for you.

  • DanielW

    Wow! Just placed my order - in Black!! Thanks for all your help guys. Cannot fault your communication and willingness to help!!! Roll-on delivery date!!!! PS - Cheeky I know but if I can get the black hoods that would be fantastic!

  • WarrenA

    I still haven't received my build date. I assumed ordering on the 7th August would give me a build date sooner rather than later. Or is the fact I haven't received an email indicative of my build delay? Either way, some communication would be nice.

  • Jamie b

    Please dont tell me ive missed the boat, I had my bike 'build' saved in my shopping basket all week waiting for payday, and I go to pay for it now and its suddenly gone up £200! I cant get hold of a single person to speak to on any of your phonelines....whats going on?

  • Jamie

    Andrew M, you are deffinately being a nuisance. Man up.

  • DavidK

    Whoohhho my all white PX is being built on Monday!!!


    Hi Jon, I now have my build date of next wednesday September 15th, so with this in mind can you please do everything in your power to get me some black hoods fitted , sorry to be a nuisance but i want it to be just right when i receive it - hope you undestand.

  • Wee LoonY

    Hi Jon, I've not had any news since you reply on 2nd September 2010. Order Date 09/08/2010 Status: Order held whilst awaiting stock - Your order is on hold whilst awaiting delivery of a missing item(s). Would appreciate you can advice the delivery details. Thanks

  • DanW

    Can you please confirm the price? Web site is a bit misleading, on some pages its £1099.00 but when you click to purchase its £1299.00! I want to order one ASAP!!

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    No worries, Andrew. He are trying our best to get the black hoods in- either genuine SRAM Red replacements or Hudz after market ones. Will let you know in next week's newsletter.

  • WarrenA

    Thanks Jon. I think both myself and Andrew read your reply to someone else, without realising it was Malaysia!


    Hi Jon, Bet you're getting sick of seeing my name on this page !! I have just realised after reading your reply to Warren,that the 16 day delivery is for the one to Malaysia,so with that in mind i am more than happy with the next day delivery as originally planned. Any more thoughts on the hoods ? sorry to be a pain.

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Hi Warren, not sure where you've seen a 16 working day delivery time? If you are UK based delivery is next day, other countries take longer. Let me know if you're not sure.

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Yes Scott the frames are just arriving now...

  • WarrenA

    Is 16 working days delivery a typo? Otherwise no one is receiving a delivered bike in September. I realise this is probably an 'up to' timescale, but what do TNT do with it for 3 weeks?!?! Also, my order still quotes DPD as the courier, and per the delivery page this is a 24hr service. What's changed?

  • ScottC

    I notice that some sizes appear to be in stock now but some are showing 10/10/10 still. Does this mean the frames have arrived?


    Hi Jon, Anymore news on finding and fitting'Black hoods' on the bikes. As i ordered mine on August 7th and hopefully it will be one of the earlier ones to be built, i am keen to have black hoods fitted when you build it(and i will pay extra if i need to), Thanks for keeping in touch-yours in anticipation andy.

  • Jamie

    Dont listen to these guys, the new graphics are fresh and bring the look of the frame bang up to date! Nicer bold type face, much more 'pow!' than the old style. A few more graphics wouldnt go a miss, but then its so easy to over do it. In this case I think less is more. Ive already phoned to talk about sizing and will be placing my order as soon as I can work out how to raise the funds!...

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Yes Andrew that would be no problem at all. Let us know as soon as you get your build date and we'll change your delivery option to "collection in person". Cheers.


    Hi Jon, Having just read your reply to Wee LoonY about the delivery time, is it possible that once my bike is built i can drive up and collect it ? I ordered it on August 7th - large in black !

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Hello Wee LoonY, to let you know that within the next couple of days you will receive an email with your actual build date. Then you should allow 16 working days for delivery with TNT. Thanks.

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Hi Simon, if you can let us know between which dates you'll be away then I'll make sure your bike isn't dispatched during that time and hopefully we can get it to you before you go.

  • [email protected]

    [email protected] here...actually it's [email protected] which is probably why you haven't had a reply. I clear ALL my emails same day. Ask me again and you'll get one.

  • Wee LoonY

    Hi Jon, I placed order on 09/08/2010 for a white frame bike, build. When do expect dispatch out from UK and delivered to Malaysia? Thanks ps still awaiting reply from [email protected]

  • SimonA

    Hi. I've just noticed the updated delivery estimate. I ordered my bike on 17/8/10, but will be away for the last 2 weeks of september. How is delivery arranged? Cheers.

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Hi Andrew. The frames are arriving here on the 15th September. If you have ordered your bike to be dispatched un-built (and placed the order before around 25th August) you will have it on the 17th September. If not, the bikes will be built at a rate of upto 100 per week so depending on how early you placed your order your bike will be ready between mid September and Mid October, at the latest. If you need a more accurate estimation based on your order date let me know.

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