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New Kaffenback Commuter for just £799

Why do we ride bikes? Sometimes it’s easy to forget those youthful adventures, riding with mates for hours, just for the sake of it. Now its all about wattage, heart-rate, periodization... We thought, why not just build a bike that’s fun? Simple as that, it doesn't have to be the latest aerospace-carbon-engineering to put a massive grin on your face. 

The Planet X Kaffenback Commuter Sport is the ultimate smile-machine. It I'll put the whistle back into your commute, but you'll still be able to turn on the speed if that roadie tries to pass you at the lights.

Get the best of both worlds, flat bars provide a more upright comfortable position, but the smooth steel frame is able to soak up the worst the road can offer. Snappy A57 wheels are far from sluggish, You’ll fly past other commuters, manoeuvre in and out of traffic with ease. We've also added bosses so you can fit 'proper' mudguards, to keep the worst of the weather at bay. So you arrive at work looking respectable.

The Kaffenback is not just for getting to work either. Roll down the road to meet your mates on a Saturday morning, expect admiring glances, you can even put a rack on, head into town and get your shop on.

Kaffenback is proper bike, super-durable and above all fun.
The price will make you smile too, click here for full details

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Kaffenback Fun

Photograph courtesy of: The Bernard Thompson Archive

6 October 2010


  • Deborah

    This looks like a great bike - when will you have the frames back in stock? Thank you.

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