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Team Alu Frames Back In!

We just had a delivery of our new Team Superlight Aluminium Frame with matching carbon forks. This made us all a bit nostalgic, as the superlight was one of the first and most successful frames we’ve ever made. It paved the way for our award winning SL (super light) Pro Carbon, which is our most popular bike today.

Planet X team riders love the super light; it’s been instrumental in numerous victories, seen off countless opponents and survived many a brutal winter. Our sponsored riders have tested the Superlight to near-destruction. The current incarnation was born out of hours of athlete’s feedback. At one point it even had carbon rear-stays… But we feel this version is true to the spirit of what we set out to do with Planet X: Design bikes that are exhilarating to ride, super-durable and great value for money. The Superlight embodies all of these things.

Planet X Team Superlight Mark Lovatt


Our team riders have excelled astride the Superlight, collecting an impressive amount of silverware over the years. Planet X pro road rider Mark Lovatt rode a Superlight in numerous Elite events (see images) including: The Lincoln Grand Prix, Tour of The Peaks... In Mark's words, "It's stiff, fast and cheap, a bit like me..."

Planet X Team Superlight Mark Lovatt



Build your perfect winter training bike

The Planet X Superlight Team Aluminium will build up into the perfect winter training bike. The frame is light, stiff and responsive, and guaranteed to deal with the worst of the winter weather. Partner this with some Fulcrum Racing 3 wheels and you’ve got the makings of a very light, fast training bike that will excite and inspire you for years to come.

Note: Frame and forks are available separately.

Click here for full spec and build ideas

Planet X Team Superlight Mark Lovatt

12 October 2010


  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi NeilJ - if it's the Mk 2, then you've got the right headset. Are you sure you're adjusting it properly? Don't tighten the stem clamping bolts until you've tightened (gently) the top cap nut which takes the play out of the headset. Only when you've done that, should you centre the stem / bars up and tighten the stem clamping bolts. :-)

  • NeilJ

    Just started building my Team Alu (MK2) with the matching forks, looks lovely I must say!! .. just a small question on the headset fitting... I ordered a "Planet X integrated headset 1'1/8 (Fits PX Alu Frames)". Is this the right one? struggling to remove a bit of fork play.

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Jai - thanks for the feedback. We're pleased you're pleased :-)

  • Jai

    Just received my frame via DPD delivery couriers with an hour delivery window - great service! The frame looks awesome with beautiful paintwork and very well finished, at just 1300g for the small frame; cannot wait to get it built so I can ride it soon. Had to phone the technical support guys when buying a headset to fit the frame and they were very helpful in informing me of the right size forks and bearings, very impressed with Planet X - you have a new convert!! :)

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi MastT - exceptional value eh? Pass the word around won't you...please?

  • MatT

    Amazing value. Just bought the XL for under £100. Can't wait to take delivery and start to build it up.

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi H - there aren't any mudguard eyes on it but as long as you don't go overboard with fat tyres I can't see any reason why Crud Road Racer mk 2s shouldn't fit.

  • H.Blackwell

    Is it possible to fit mudguards to this frame and use it as a winter bike?. H.Blackwell

  • Matt

    Mine was superb for a 100 mile event a couple of weeks ago - cattle grids shake your fillings loose, but apart from that, no complaints. No idea how much smoother a carbon frame would be though....

  • col

    Is this a comfortable frame for doing sportives or should I wait for the carbon SL pro?

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Just the colour and graphics are new. If it ain't broke...

  • Matt

    Looks lush! Says its the 'New' frameset - any changes from the 2007 vintage?

  • ianc

    Awesome pics ... especially the Lincoln!

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