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Minting Team Alu Athena

Our master wheelbuilder Mark Minting took great pleasure in building this brand new Team Alu road bike for his son, Alex. Mr Minting Jnr is a rising star in British Cycling's "Talent Team" and it was no surpise that he went for the Team Alu. It's such a responsive machine, a "proper race bike" according to Mark.

We liked the build too and have decided to release it for a limited time, fully equipped with a full 11 speed Campag Athena groupset, including carbon cranks for only £1199. It a mean machine alright, a bike designed for pure speed and acceleration.

Check out the pictures below, before and after and let us know what you think.

Buy a Planet X Team Alu Athena road bike

Alex Mintings Team Alu Athena bike


Alex Mintings Team Alu Athena bike

Alex Mintings Team Alu Athena bikeAlex Mintings Team Alu Athena bike

Buy a Planet X Team Alu Athena road bike

1 November 2010


  • craigs

    looks the mutts cant wait to get mine !

  • ianc

    Where's it say there's no seat tube bottle mount on the Small? Are you getting confused with the SL Pro ... or is this one the same?

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Point taken, Mattoid. We'll bear that in mind for next time...

  • mattoid

    Love the frame, but why only one bottle cage mount on the small? You can get side entry cages you know? There's more of me than there is of many people a size or two larger in frame. I need as much water as they do.....

  • TimA

    Yeah Paulo you're right - Apex would be great... with model B wheels I say. Anything Sram and double-tap as far as I'm concerned - I'm a convert after my experience with the Nanolight. Well under a grand would be good Jon, this bike is crying out to be a quality first time road bike... and maybe a replacement of my old winter bike ;-)

  • TomL

    I have built one of these frames up with shimano 105 groupset, and i really like the bike, it is fast and very light compared to my specilized allez that i rode before.

  • mark thomson

    Very nice build agree with red on wheels but to be fair you can peel them off,and please get a helper for Mr Minting so thy can tidy up the workshop.

  • supermoto

    How about a cyclo-cross version?

  • paulo

    the logo on the downtube annoys me. when its applied its central on the downtube but when the chainset is added it looks off centre. i would also like a cheap build to use as a training bike. sram apex if it can come in cheaper than rival. some colour options on the frame too.

  • Tom

    I reckon if you made a run of carbon frames with this paintjob or something similar, they'd look epic.

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Good, great, idea Tim! If only that was possible. Unfortunately the cost in this alloy frame and forks isn't a million miles from our SL Pro Carbon, and similarly Rival is not half as cheap as we'd like it to be. £700 is definitely a no no but we'll try and get something out for well under a grand. Watch this space...

  • TimA

    Really cool bike - although I don't think the red khamsin wheels go with the frame. When are you gonna bring out a fixed spec with say Rival at around £700?? You'd sell loads!

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