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Up to 80% Off Guerciotti Frames

Selected Guerciotti road frames are a massive 80% off for a limited period only. And black carbon Guerciotti road forks are only £50 when you purchase any of the frames below!

This has to be our frame deal of the season. Time for that winter build, commuter, or maybe to start saving up for next summer's super bike. These frames, made by Italian cycling legends Guerciotti, are previous season's and direct from Allesandro's Milan warehouse. Their pedigree and repution speaks for itself and it's really not everyday that you have the chance to bag a race level frame and fork for less than £250!!!

Choose any of the frames listed from the grid underneath this blog. 

But hurray, stocks are limited, when they're gone, they're gone forever...

Guerciotti Carbon Frames Half Price Free ForksGuerciotti Carbon Frames Half Price Free Forks

19 November 2010

Guerciotti Road Frames Offer


  • Jeffrey

    I have an older steel Guerciotti, alas it is too big for me. It is Columbus tubing and very light weight. What is the lightest weight steel tubing Guerciotti you carry? Thron is middle weight? Thanks, Jeffrey

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Sorry, the £30 forks offer was a typo. The forks should be £50 with any of these frames (not bad for a £199 fork!). I will update the Pirana to allow you to get the forks for £50.

  • Jesper

    I am considering the Pirana frame, however the 30£ fork does not show up as a option. Also for the other frames is still says 50£. Is the 30£ forkdeal available for the Pirana model ?

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Yes Kieran, prices have been slashed way below half price and forks available for £30 now. I'll make sure this blog gets re-worded. Great frames, for peanuts!


    is this deal still on, or is it the get the fork for £50 DEAL NOW ??

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