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24k. Gold plated Guerciotti Limited Edition

We received a strange email from Alessandro Guerciotti who seems to have slipped from the bicycle business to the jewellery business, with this beautiful gold plated retro classic. These are available to order now, if you want the ultimate in bling-bling Record frameset you better be quick.

Hi Dave,

here enclosed I am sending some pictures of the special edition of Record frameset.
I have presented for the first time in Tokyo cycle show last week. He has got a good success because Japanese are really crazy for this particular products.
This version is made by Columbus SL and lugs, forks, drop out and chainstay are made in Gold plated 24k.
We have used also the first vintage Guerciotti logo. In BB box and others parts there is Guerciotti name.
Price for this frame is: 1850.00 euros
Do you think it could be interesting to propose it in your website like a limited edition and maybe studying a special equipment for a complete bikes?


Let us know what you think using the comments box

Guerciotti 24k Gold Pista Planet X

Guerciotti 24k Gold Pista Planet X

Guerciotti 24k Gold Pista Planet X

21 November 2010


  • Phil

    No, not yorkshire, but, be amazing when I go to Italy twice a year

  • Steve Hodgson

    Very bling, but it's not really Yorkshire is it? Planet X should have moleskin wraps, or gritstone sandpaper areas on their bikes, not gold.

  • jane thomson


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