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82/101 Carbon Wheels Guide

Time-Trial legend and PX resident tech expert Ian Cammish explains why these wheels have become our most popular TT / Tri wheels ever.

"They've been around for a few years ... maybe 5 or 6. Before I joined Planet X, I'd seen Kevin Dawson (multi BBAR) using Planet X Pro Carbon 82/101 Carbon Wheels and they were the first things I wanted to get my hands on when I joined. Wayne (Randle) had been knocking out incredible rides on them at the same time. It was easy to see why when I got a pair. Everything a time-triallist looks for in a wheel. Good hubs. Radial spoking in the front wheel. Flat aero spokes. Good aero, light carbon rims. Very versatile for use in all conditions over all sorts of terrain".

Planet X 82/101 Carbon Wheels for Time Trial and Triahlon


Evolution of a classic

"Shortly after I 'joined' (initially as a member of another sponsored club...but riding a Planet X Stealth) Planet X Pro Carbon wheels got deeper! I remember using a pair of 101s, front AND rear. First time I used them was in a 100 on the A11 in East Anglia. Although it was a calm day, the handling of the wheels was 'exciting' to say the least. Even wagons coming past would affect the handling. I'd only been going for a couple of miles and remember thinking...'how the funk am I going to manage another 98 miles on these?'  Fortunately I did...without incident, but it soon became apparent that 101s in the front weren't a particularly good idea. The range then varied...customers could chose any variation they wanted. We had 50s, 82s and 101s. Customers could choose any combination. As the most popular combos were 50/50, 50/82 and 82/101 we decided to limit the choices accordingly".

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The 82/101's get real results

"These wheels are amazing. Why pay twice the price for something that's no faster?
Victories too many to mention: lots of sub 20 minute 10s and 30 mph 25s though. As used by Hellreigal, Spencer, Wayne, Dawson, Lovatt, Cammish (toss-pot), Davies, Pritchard, Webster et al".

"Do the cynics really think riders of such calibre would turn up at races on anything but the best? I certainly wouldn't want to have done all the training, mental build up etc then turn up at a major race thinking I was using something that was slower than the opposition was using".

Planet X 82/101 Carbon Wheels for Time Trial and Triahlon

Perfect for TT and Triathlon

"They might be more competitively priced but they're certainly no slower. (Note I used the term 'competitively priced' there. 'Cheap' suggests inferior quality. They aren't!).
Perfect for time trial because they're so fast. Stick some really light tubs on and they'll go themselves".

"Perfect for triathlons because we stock such a range of depths...great versatility!
All in all. Superb wheels at an incredibly competitive price. Why pay more for something that's no faster...or any better?"

"All in all. Superb wheels at an incredibly competetive price".

Ian Cammish

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5 January 2011


  • Joachim Sander

    Hey ianc. I ride a Specialized shiv with Sram force. Can I use this set of wheels?

  • Jo

    Is it recommended to use Tubtape or glue on these wheels in combination with TUFO S3 Lite Tubulars?

  • Jo

    Are the valve extenders also deliverd with these wheels?

  • Raymund Afoakwa

    is it possable to get a pair of the 82 deep section track wheels with no logos on them if i could i will get them at the end of feb

  • Julian

    Hi, If I buy a set of these and a cassette from you as well, will you fit the cassette to the rear wheel, if so what will you charge for that? Thanks.

  • dave

    hi... i see on this thread you stated you can use a powertap with these wheels... so i have purchased a one and all i need to know is where and what size can i get the black bladed spokes ?

  • raymond

    im a strong rider and im 15 stone and ride everyday are these wheels ok 4 me?and when u say'twitch' do u mean on corners or straights?

  • IanC (Planet X Team)

    Hi MartM - I've used everything from 19mm to 23mm on mine and they all fit fine.

  • MärtM

    Hi! What tire size you recommended for 82/101 wheels?

  • IanC (Planet X Team)

    Hi RogerN - we don't sell Pro Carbon wheels individually ... not as a matter of routine anyway. Occasionally they DO turn up - although I'm not sure quite how and why. When they do, they're posted on the site. So it may be worth keeping yours eyes open on the 'wheel' page. The only Pro Carbon rims we're selling at the moment are the 50mm version here...

  • RogerN

    Hi, is it possible to purchase just the 101 rim to go on a rear wheel ?? My wife let me purchase the 82 front when they were sold separately but would like the 101 to match it. I already have a 24 hole rear hub

  • JamesD

    Thanks for the quick repsonse Ian - much appreciated.

  • IanC (Planet X Team)

    Hi JamesD - the supplied pads are Shimano specific and won't fit your Campag shoes. Sorry :-( The freehubs are simple enough to change ... don't worry.

  • JamesD

    Hi, two quick queries: (1) will the carbon specific brake pads supplied fit campag chorus calipers and (2) is it easy to switch the freehub between shimano/SRAM -> campag and back? I tried on a rear wheel before and couldn't get the axle tightened up properly! Thanks!

  • IanC (Planet X Team)

    Hi CamW - the 82 front CAN be a bit difficult to handle when it gets windy but I think you'd soon get a good 'feel' as to when it would, and when it wouldn't, be a good idea to use it. I think you'd probably be ok 85 % of the time ... but of course it depends how windy it is where you are! Who says torrodial rims are better? Is that the people who make them? ;-) Not sure if that really helps at all?

  • IanC (Planet X Team)

    Hi Jon - to be honest with you .... no idea! We don't stock Hed wheels so don't have any to try. You could raise the question on one of the Forums....these are good ones... ... in fact it looks like a similar question has already been asked ...

  • CamW

    Hi. I'm thinking of getting a set of 82/101s, I've ridden on a 404/808 combo before with no issues. Would the 82 on the front cause lots of handling issues in cross winds (New Zealand, we get a bit here!)? Also there's a lot of talk about torroidal profile rims being better, what is the Planet X profile and can you give me your thoughts?

  • Jon

    Hi there Ian Would the HED stinger FR 2011 disc be ok to use with exocet frame ..tubular version. and also the hed stinger 9 FR tubular for front thanks

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Tobi - I'll bet they're Contis! They're about the only company I know who label them up as 28". Yes...they'll fit fine. I've used everything from 19mm to 23mm on mine and they all fit ok.

  • Tobi

    Hi! do you know if 28" x 19mm tubs will fit these wheels? Thanks!!

  • Jon

    Thanks Ian much appreciated

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Jon - the feedback we got was that front 101s were too difficult to handle. The first time I used one was in a 100 in East Anglia ... on a decent day too! I'd only been going for a few miles and began to wonder how on earth I'd finish (as it was effected by the remotest of breezes...even lorries passing made the front end 'twitch' somewhat). We then started reading horror stories and the feedback they began to get wasn't good ... so we stopped doing them. 82s are fine ... and are more than deep enough in the front (in our opinion anyway). No plans at the moment to start bringing them in again. The deep section Pro Carbon and R50 wheels are all built with aero spokes. The bearings are replaceble but you'd have to source the new ones and DIY I'm afraid. Sorry :-(

  • Jon

    Hi do you do a 101 front wheel and how many spokes would that be for a front wheel..Also what size bearings do you use in the 101s and if I supplied planet x with the ceramic bearings would you be able to fit.Do you do blade spokes. Thank you

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Andi - the logo-less 82/101s have hexagonal nipples.

  • Andi

    I don`t have the wheels yet, but would like to buy the spoke key together with the wheels. Which nipples are used in the wheels without logo?

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Andi - you'll need to shine a bright torch down a spoke hole to establish if your wheels have been built wih square or hexagonal nipples (we've used both in the past). After that ... it should all be plain sailing :-)”

  • Andi

    Which is the right spoke key for the 82/101 wheelset? hexagonal or square?

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi DavidS - the wheels are supplied with the appropriate carbon specific brake pads. If the ones fitted to your calipers aren't already carbon specific, you'll need to change them.

  • DavidS

    I just oreders a set of 82/101s can't wait - but - should I be putting cork pads in my brakes? (Or just not using my brakes...)

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Huw - you're on the limit but for time trials you'll probably be ok :-)

  • Huw

    Hi, I'm looking at buying a set of 82 / 101 for time trails on a regular basis. a couple of 10s a week and some 25s as I feel like but as I'm 100kgs are they going to carry my weight ok.

  • Nguyen

    Hey, i was just wondering where these wheels are manufactured Thankyou, Nguyen

  • IanC (Planet X Team)

    Hi Frank - that's not far off Marcel's weight is it? I reckon you'd be pushing it. Probably not advisable I'm afraid. Sorry :-(

  • Frank

    Hi Ianc OK, I weigh around 17.5 stone, 6'3", and the riding would be 20 mile week end out rides on good roads. I already have a PX pro carbon x large bike. Can the wheels handle it? Thanks, Frank

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Frank - we don't quote max recommeded rider weights for all the reasons outlined in many of the responses below. There are simply too many variables to take into account....rider weight, type of riding / racing the riders going to be doing, road surfaces etc etc. Read all the comments (if you please?) on not just this page, but the other Pro Carbon Deep Rimmed wheel pages for more info. If you're still in doubt..kindly provide more details please?

  • frank

    Hi there, I note your response to Marcel, can you confirm the safe maximum weight is for the 82/101s? Thanks Frank

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Matt - you'll need some of these... ;-)

  • Matt

    How long should the valve be on a tyre to fit the 101 and 82 rims? Is there a side cut out or do you need a very long valve? Thanks

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi RasmusN - you'll need to check with your Governing body. In England it'll be British Cycling ... where are you from? Wouldn't REALLY think it's advisable though as it wouldn't be fair on your competitors to ride something which could be a bit twitchy in the stand the chance of having everyone off! R50s might be ok though.

  • RasmusB

    Hi is it possible to use 82/101 wheels at mass start? Thanks, RasmusB

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Massimo - best bet? Add everything to your basket. Buy it all (and more if you like!!)...then ring the warehouse with your order number to ask if that can be arranged. The shipping costs will be shown once you've inserted the delivery address in the appropriate box during the ordering process (it's like magic!) BEFORE you actually buy too. No likey ... no buyey :-)

  • massimo

    Hi, I'd like to buy a Planet X Pro Carbon 2010 82/101 Wheelset fit by campagnolo. For this I have to buy also Campag Freehub Body For Pre-Built Carbon 50 / 101 Wheels... Is it possible for you fit them directly to campagnolo with that freehub body? If is possible I'll buy all together in one only purchase... Please let me know if is possible and the total amount I have to pay you + postal costs to Italy Many thanks Max

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi RiRi - so much depends on the type of riding you'll be doing and the roads you'll be riding on. It's difficult for us to give a maximum recommended rider weight for that very reason alone. You don't say how heavy you are or what type of riding you're intending to use them for. You could be a relative 'lightweight' with nothing really to worry about? You could also be a particularly smooth rider wanting to use them on smooth roads...again, nothing really to worry about unless you really do like cake ;-) On the other hand, if you're a 'punchy' rider wanting to use them for honking up and down mountains, sprinting for town signs against your mates on pot-hole strewn roads...well that COULD be a different matter (depending on your weight etc etc).

  • RiRi

    Hi. What's the upper weight limit on 101's, please?

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Deano - no they won't. For Contis you'll need the ones labelled up as 28"

  • deano

    Hi do you know if 26" x 22m conti competition tubs will fit these wheels thanks?

  • Tom

    ...tubs are faster ;-) yep, and mother earth is a disk ;-)

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Tom - just tubular for now. There's been plenty of interest expressed in a clincher version which we're looking in to but it's unlikely we'll have any to sell in the immediate future as we want to make sure we get the product right before selling loads! In any event, tubs are faster ;-)

  • Tom

    Hi, are these wheels for clincher or tubular use?

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Robbe - yes the wheels are good :-) Whether or not any other combination would be a better choice will depend on the type of riding / racing you're proposing to do. Shallower rims will be more versatile as the deeper you go, so the more difficult they're likely to become when it gets windy.

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