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82/101 Carbon Wheels Guide

Time-Trial legend and PX resident tech expert Ian Cammish explains why these wheels have become our most popular TT / Tri wheels ever.

"They've been around for a few years ... maybe 5 or 6. Before I joined Planet X, I'd seen Kevin Dawson (multi BBAR) using Planet X Pro Carbon 82/101 Carbon Wheels and they were the first things I wanted to get my hands on when I joined. Wayne (Randle) had been knocking out incredible rides on them at the same time. It was easy to see why when I got a pair. Everything a time-triallist looks for in a wheel. Good hubs. Radial spoking in the front wheel. Flat aero spokes. Good aero, light carbon rims. Very versatile for use in all conditions over all sorts of terrain".

Planet X 82/101 Carbon Wheels for Time Trial and Triahlon


Evolution of a classic

"Shortly after I 'joined' (initially as a member of another sponsored club...but riding a Planet X Stealth) Planet X Pro Carbon wheels got deeper! I remember using a pair of 101s, front AND rear. First time I used them was in a 100 on the A11 in East Anglia. Although it was a calm day, the handling of the wheels was 'exciting' to say the least. Even wagons coming past would affect the handling. I'd only been going for a couple of miles and remember thinking...'how the funk am I going to manage another 98 miles on these?'  Fortunately I did...without incident, but it soon became apparent that 101s in the front weren't a particularly good idea. The range then varied...customers could chose any variation they wanted. We had 50s, 82s and 101s. Customers could choose any combination. As the most popular combos were 50/50, 50/82 and 82/101 we decided to limit the choices accordingly".

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The 82/101's get real results

"These wheels are amazing. Why pay twice the price for something that's no faster?
Victories too many to mention: lots of sub 20 minute 10s and 30 mph 25s though. As used by Hellreigal, Spencer, Wayne, Dawson, Lovatt, Cammish (toss-pot), Davies, Pritchard, Webster et al".

"Do the cynics really think riders of such calibre would turn up at races on anything but the best? I certainly wouldn't want to have done all the training, mental build up etc then turn up at a major race thinking I was using something that was slower than the opposition was using".

Planet X 82/101 Carbon Wheels for Time Trial and Triahlon

Perfect for TT and Triathlon

"They might be more competitively priced but they're certainly no slower. (Note I used the term 'competitively priced' there. 'Cheap' suggests inferior quality. They aren't!).
Perfect for time trial because they're so fast. Stick some really light tubs on and they'll go themselves".

"Perfect for triathlons because we stock such a range of depths...great versatility!
All in all. Superb wheels at an incredibly competitive price. Why pay more for something that's no faster...or any better?"

"All in all. Superb wheels at an incredibly competetive price".

Ian Cammish

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5 January 2011


  • robbe

    HI! i has a question! Are this good wheels?or am I better with different wheels? if so you can say what? lots of greetings, Robbe. :)

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Corine - yes, I don't see why not.'d have to source them and replace them yourself as we don't stock / supply ceramic bearings.

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Brett - yes. Some customers have had rims built up with Powertaps. No problem.

  • Corine

    Hello, is it possible to get ceramic bearings in this wheels? Thanks, Corine

  • brett

    Hi, will the 101 take a powertap? thanks brett

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    David - we usually only sell in pairs. The current configurations are 50/50, 50/82 and 82/101. I've no idea how individual wheels become available for sale on the site and it's not, as far as I'm aware, something we intend doing in the future as a matter of routine (but they do ... every now and then, so it's worth keeping an eye open) ;-)

  • David

    Hi Ian, is it possible to buy a combination 101/50? I know the rear 101 i available, but separate front 50 not.

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    David - you could easily get away with either. However ... the 50/82 pairing is more versatile. You'd be restricted to the number of times you could use the 82/101 pairing as the 82 will tend to catch the wind a bit. 82/101 ... excellent for charging up and down the A1 when the weather's nice. 50/82 likely to get used a lot more often ;-)

  • David

    I hesitate: 101/82 or 82/50? I weight 75kg (naked) and I do iron-distance and half-ironman-distance races. 101/82 are definitely more sexy but I don't want to be smashed by a truck passing me over. Can you help me please?

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi fatsmokeretc - our Ray is 89 kgs (14 stone) and has used Pro Carbon 50s without any problem. It all depends what sort of riding / racing you're going to be doing and over what sort of roads you'll be riding on. If it's time trialling over nice flat dual carriageways, you'll be ok with the R50s. If its Kermesse racing sprinting in and out of corners on 'dodgy' roads, maybe even the 82/101s would be pushing it a bit. TTs and triathlons at 91kgs ... I'm sure you'd be fine on 82/101s.


    Regarding the weight question: up to which rider's weight would you consider it "advisable" to use 82/101. a. in general = max weight of rider b. in specific = fully trained shoudl I achieve 7% body fat, Id still be at 91kg. So Id be curious to know if I can use them on race day and when I can start to train on them :) TIA fatsmoker2ironman

  • Simon B (Planet X Team)

    Gleitz, I'm afraid you can't as they are under lacquer, you could put some taoe over them perhaps...

  • DH (Planet X Team)

    Marcel, I'm afraid our technical team have advised that its probably best not to at that weight.

  • Gleitz

    Hi, can I strip the decals once I get the wheels, or are them laid under a clear lacquer? (sponsor issues...). Thanks!

  • marcel

    is it possible to ride the 82/101 with total weight of about 115kg (including clothing/water/...)? thanks marcel

  • ThomasH (Planet X Team)

    Sorry chris, 82/101 Carbon wheels are definately not suitable for use on tandems.

  • chris jones

    are your 82/101 wheels suitable for a tandem,riders total weight 151 kilos. thanks chris

  • JonB (Planet X Team)

    Hi Julian, the 82/101's carbon wheels have had a recent upgrade so I'd imagine this version would be with us for some time.

  • julian

    are your 82/101 carbon wheels being upgraded in the near future or will they be the current model for some time, thanks Julian