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Cammish Wins on Exocet

Ian Cammish, Planet X's oldest rider ever, continued his early excellent season form by sharing a win with 11 times British Best All Rounder Kevin Dawson in Saturday's J E James '10', racking up an impressive time of 20:20 on his Exocet.

This was Cammish's second outing of the season on his new Exocet (and, co-incidentally, his second 20 minute '10' too). Cammish had been a keen exponent of the Stealth Pro Carbon for several years and was initially unsure the new bike could be any better. However, he's now a total convert to the Exocet, stating: "It really is the fastest bike I've ever ridden. Full stop".

The Silverfox is also riding the new prototype Planet X's brand new carbon Trispoke wheels (yes, we know the pics are wrong, but check Facebook for a sneak peak!) which are on the water now and will be availible for pre-order next week. In all conditions aside from heavy cross winds, Trispoke wheels offer the best of all worlds, being light, highly aerodynamic and wonderfully stiff.

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Ian Cammish Planet X Exocet

Photo(s) courtsesy of that very nice man David Jones & Sara Brooke

Click here to buy an Exocet Dura Ace with Carbon Wheels now for only £1999!

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Mr Cammish added the following comment regarding the new proto triispoke: "I'm working my way through the World's arsenal of super-dopper aero wheels and have been privileged to be able to ride many claimed as being the most aerodynamic ever (including those that Mr Armpong used in the TdF).  In my opinion, these are as fast as the best (if not faster).  The front one I've been using handles incredibly well even in the wind, and weighs just 840 gms complete with tub and tub tape ... now that IS light!  I'm hoping that the ship which the container is on is going to be delayed so that I'll continue to have the advantage I've currently got over the opposition!"


29 March 2011