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Best Schwalbe Road Tyres

In the first of our impartial guides we're taking a look at Schwalbe's leading two road tyres, giving you the lowdown on their key strengths and suggested usage. Take advantage of our huge offers on all Schwalbe tyres and read on...



Schwalbe Ultremo R.1 - RRP £44.99, our price £24.55

The R.1 version of Schwalbe's award-winning Ultremo tyre has what Schwalbe describe as 'The R Factor' - reduced weight, reduced rolling resistance and reduced risk of punctures.

Despite weighing only 180g (20g lighter than a Michelin Pro Race 3) the R.1 enjoys a deserved all-rounder status due to its successful combination of low rolling resistance, excellent grip and good durability.

Much of this is down to Schwalbe's proprietary Triple Nano Compound in which three distinct compounds are used accross the tyre in order to 'tune' the characteristics of each contact patch. This is achieved by reducing the size of the microscopic particles that make up the surface of the tyre. Schwalbe claim previous compounds were 200 nanometres in size, whereas they're now only 10 nanometres.

Basically, smaller particles produce a larger surface area in contact with the road, thus improving grip.

If you’re after a lightweight clincher that really zings along the road, Schwalbe's Ultremo does the business - it’s been one of our favourite race tyres for a while now -

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Summary: A lightweight road tyre that's perfect for racing and sportives.

Don't just take our word for it, check out what had to say in their review.

Schwalbe Ultremo R.1 tyres

Schwalbe Stelvio RaceGuard Tyre - RRP £34.99, our price £17.90

The very fact that Schwalbe's Stelvio is named after the infamous climb in the Giro d'Italia gives an indication as to its racing pedigree.

A unique feature of the Stelvio is it's independent front and rear compounds, specifically catered to the subtly different demands placed upon it by each application.

For example the rear Stelvio uses a specific compound designed to minimise energy loss and make power transfer more efficient. Similarly the front employs Schwalbe's Dual Compound Technology in which the tread sides are made from the grippy MGC (Maximum Grip Compound) for safe cornering, while the centre section consists of the slightly harder QC (Qualifier Compound) material for lower rolling resistance.

Add to that Schwalbe's RaceGuard puncture protection belt and you've got a nicely robust training tyre.

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Summary: Ideal for those who are after a fast training tyre and are happy to sacrifice a bit of weight for improved puncture protection.

Schwalbe Stelvio tyre front and rear specific compounds

30 March 2011