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Sidi Shoes Just Arrived

New stock of Sidi road shoes has just arrived at Planet X HQ. We’ve got a good selection of all the flagship models in all the best colours. As ever Planet X can offer these at very competitive prices...

Spring has sprung and the overshoes have been put back in the drawer, its time to bust out your super bling Italian shoes to match your glossy carbon speed machine. Don’t forget to shave your pins and show off that Majorca winter training tan.

As worn by Contador and Basso

Sidi have been providing the footwear to the worlds greatest professional cyclists for decades. Both of last year’s grand tours were testament enough to the quality of Sidi’s footwear; Ivan Basso rode to victory in the Giro d’Italia and Alberto Contador dominated the Tour de France wearing Sidi shoes.

The market leaders of cycling shoes

Sidi have forgotten more than most manufacturers know about designing cycling shoes and have innovated in numerous areas of footwear design most notably in closures and composite carbon soles. Sidi shoes are compatible with all pedal systems.

We’ve got a great range of these incredible shoes at fantastic prices.
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Sidi Road Shoes at Planet X

Sidi Road Shoes at Planet X

Sidi Road Shoes at Planet X


6 April 2011


  • paul grindley

    Hi guys have you got any of the sidi wires with speedplay specific soles.

  • Lars Henning

    +1 request for the Mega size Sidis. Especially the Genius 5.5 Carbon in size 45.

  • steven phillips

    Any chance that you will be stocking the "MEGA" versions of these great Sidi shoes so that I can find a pair that will fit my short but wide feet?

  • mike

    Hey there guy.s.lookin to get me a pair of SIDIS which to you advise me.Since it is my first pair ever.

  • Kevin Barrett

    Yes Ian, just wish your selection of colours in the Ergo 2 carbon vernice included the blue/white .... then they would be a bargain like no-one else is offering ....

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Kevin - that makes the Ergo 2 Carbon Vernice all that much more of a bargain then in my book. You can upgrade to those and pay less than you would have done if you'd gone for the Genius 6.6s ;-)

  • Kevin Barrett

    All very nice but the prices have gone up again. The Ergo 2 Carbon Lite Vernice is now cheaper than the Genius 6.6, which doesn't make any sense as the Ergo 2 is top of the road range ...

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