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New Nanoloight Compact Carbon Road Bars

Everyone at Planet X is very excited by our new carbon road bars. We’ve all been hoping they arrive in time for spring and they have!

The design brief was simple; create a handlebar that is comfortable, great looking and very light.


A little known fact about carbon; is that its an extremely good shock absorber. Our carbon bars do a good job of almost eliminating ‘road buzz’ so you can run your tyres at 100 plus PSI and not loose your fillings. Carbon also makes these bars incredibly light (200grams) yet strong and stiff thanks to high modulus carbon.

The bars shape was also carefully considered to ensure maximum comfort. The compact drop allows the riders to ride on the drops for longer without being too low, which can cause lower back and neck discomfort. A compact bar makes it easier to ride on the hoods and still reach the brakes with ease, even if you have smaller hands. The top of the bars are oversized and ergonomically sculpted maximizing comfort when climbing with your hands on the tops or just cruising on the flat sections. Double grooved cable routing so you can’t feel cables.

Planet X Nanolight Compact Drop Carbon Handlebar

Understated classy looks

We’ve not gone crazy with the bars finish and graphics, as we wanted these bars to compliment any frame and build. Available in gloss white and lacquered carbon finish these bars will add a touch of class to any bike.


Strong and light a mere 200g
High Modulus Mitshibishi Carbon that absorbs road buzz
Compact drop: ride in the drops for longer
Ride on the hoods and reach the levers with ease
Ideal for all hand sizes
Oversize top section for climbing and cruising comfort
Double-groove cable routing keeps things tidy
Dual cable routing noodle creates a clean silhouette with bar tape applied
Textured stem clamp and STI mount areas avoid slippage


High Modulus Mitsubishi (T900) grade carbon
Weight: Approx. 200g
Drop: 145mm
Reach: 85mm
Clamp size: OS 31.8mm

Planet X staffers have been reaching for their wallets before these bars were even on the shelves of the warehouse.

Buy the new compact Nanolight bars

Planet X Nanolight Compact Drop Carbon Handlebar

Planet X Nanolight Compact Drop Carbon Handlebar

Planet X Nanolight Compact Drop Carbon Handlebar

Planet X Nanolight Compact Drop Carbon Handlebar

Restock: Planet X Nanolight Ergo Drop Carbon Handlebar

We've also have fresh stocks of our ever popular Nanolight Ergo Drop bars. These bars feature a flat top section for increased aerodynamics and comfort. The ergo drop includes a flat section on the bend which is incredibly comfortable when riding in the drop. These bars are available in both clear lacer over black carbon fibre and high gloss white. Made from the same high modulus carbon as our Nanolight race frames not only are these bars light they are very strong and stiff. A great looking bar that will compliment any road bike.

Buy Ergo Nanolight bars

Planet X Nanolight Ergo Drop Carbon Handlebar


14 April 2011

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