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Sort Your Head Out – Essential Head Wear


Spring is in the air and it's time to sort your head wear out in time for the start of the season. Put away the woolly hats and start to think about keeping cool (in the Fonzy sense) and taking the edge with our new ranges of helmets, sunglasses and cycling caps.

Giro - Pro Quality Helmets

 We’ve got stock of the same Giro models as worn by some of the biggest hitters in the pro peleton. These lids not only look great but also represent the cutting edge of helmet design and innovation. What you notice when you upgrade your headgear is incredible comfort, great fit and superior ventilation. These are so light you won’t feel like you’re wearing one. A proper helmet will make you both safe and fast.
Full range of helmets

giro helmets at planet x

Poker Face - PowerRace Eyewear

Protect your eyes and hide the pain. Sunglasses not only protect you from harmful UV rays and glare, but hide the pain when your suffering, if you practice the poker-face nobody will know when you’re ‘on the the rivet’. We’ve managed to source some incredible sunglasses from Italian boutique brand PowerRace. Italians practically invented sunglasses but PowerRace glasses are not just for posing these are some serious technical kit. The frames are made from virtually unbreakable Grilamid TR90, the 3 interchangeable lenses are ultra thin and shatterproof. But most importantly they are very, very comfortable to wear on the bike, they don’t fog up or slide about on your nose. The arms feel really snug without being too tight on your head. We’ve got all the flagship models including the Eagle as worn by The Professional Colnago team. Full range of sunglasses here

giro helmets at planet x

Classic Cotton Caps

Essential kit for spring, the cotton cap worn under the helmet serves several purposes, the peak keeps the sun out of your eyes and protects you from unpredictable spring weather. Caps also stop the sweat from getting in your eyes, we’ve not got any old caps either these are genuine Apis cotton caps made in Italy. Apis is the kings of the cotton cycling caps, with colours to match any outfit. Buy cotton cylcing caps here

We’ve got loads of possible colour combination to match your kit and make you look every bit the pro rider, but we’re afraid we can’t get stock of DuraAce legs. See below our current range of helmets, sunglasses and caps.

19 April 2011


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