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Grand Bois Japanese Kit

We’re the first in UK to get stock of ‘Grand Bois’ tyres and rims from Japan. These are like ‘hens teeth’ but after some very formal negotiations with our man in Japan we secured some.

Grand Bois is French word. Which means ‘big forest’ and it’s also the name of the small pass in the town of St-Étienne in France. Grand Bois is a brand owned by Ikuo Tsuchyia of I’s Bicycle based in Kyoto, Japan. The tyres evolved from not being able to find cycltouring tyres that were of a good enough quality, so they decided to make their own! Working with Panaracer with the brief of creating a tyre with classic looks and high tech performance. Grand Bois also wanted to offer 650B as well as the more common 700C.

Rare as...

These tyres are very sought after by those in the know, we’re very proud to be able to offer these to you lot for the very first time. Any of you who are planning an epic touring adventure or want to add some real class to your urban ride, grab some while you can.

Wide yet fast

Here’s what some existing customers have said about Grand Bois tyres:
“These tyres look fabulous and ride like a dream. I'm finding myself on the large chainring whereas I was on the small most of the time and the ride on 650Bx32 irons out all but the worst of the rough roads around here. These tyres are very light 300gm, semi-slick foldable with Kevlar beads and very thin and flexible sidewalls. On all but the smoothest roads, I'd say they are faster than the 700x23C on my Dawes Audax.”- Mike Smith 2  (CTC Forum)

"Here's my Grand Bois 1500 mile report: Still like 'em. No flats for the past 500 miles. Not much additional tread wear since 1000 miles." A.R., Middletown OH

Bicycle Quarterly had the following to say: “Grand Bois “Cypes” offer great shock absorption, and they carry their speed well over rough roads. Short of hand-made tires, the Grand Bois are among the fastest tires available today.”

We have the following Grand Bois tyres available now:

Grand Bois CdM: Black 23 mm
Grand Bois Cerf: Blue 26 mm & 28mm

Grand Bois Cypres: 650b 32 mm
Grand Bois Lierre: 36 mm
Grand Bois Hetre: Black 42 mm

Google "Wide High-Performance Clinchers" for a full test from Bicycle Quarterly.

Grand Bois

Grand Bois

Grand Bois


Papillon Rims

We’ve also got a limited stock of the legendary Papillon Rim in both 650b and 700C available in 32 and 36 hole versions. Made from high polished aluminium (box construction) with stanless steel eyelets. These are lightweight and super strong. Build yourself a beautiful set of wheels for your next epic tour or pimp your urban machine with something much more classy than deep-section rims.

Click here to order yours

Grand BoisWe asked for a translation of the brands philosophy the sent us back the following statement:

“We think bicycles elaborated by craftsmen will shine forever throughout the ages.”

Grand Bois also make some very tasty components that include handlebars made by the Japanese masters ‘Nitto’ more on that later…

We'd be happy to answer any of your questions about Grand Bois, please use the comments box below or 'like' our Facebook page

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12 May 2011


  • colin blackmore

    also very interested in getting my hands on a pair (or two) of the 700x32 Cypres preferably the Extra Leger

  • david

    Can you get Grand Bois Cypres 700 x 32mm? This comes in 290grams which is a good weight for those who wish to run larger tyres like me. Also they do an Ulstra-light version fo this with black sidewalls called Extra Léger model with ultra-supple casing 700x32mm at 232 g, clincher, folding bead. They nominal size of these are actually 30mm. If you could get these I would take 2 depending on price. I know there is nothing to compete with this available in the UK as I have been looking as I want to keep large tyres on my Trek Ion but use it as a comfy road bike.

  • Mary

    Will you be getting in any of the Grand Bois Hetres in cream? Thanks :)

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