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Exocet Gets 93% Review

Well we heard it from you lot on Facebook first. The Planet X Exocet Triathlon TT bike has been awarded 93% in this months 220 Triathlon £2k TT bikes test and was featured on the cover of the magazine. Big American style ‘whooping’ session followed along with cheesy high-fives all round the office.


Heres what 220 Triathlon magazine said about the Exocet:

The Ride

Even just clipping in and rolling off, the Exocet felt fast. On the bullhorns our position was aggressive and powerful...

Driving hard out of the saddle to get up to rolling speed, there was no sloppiness and the deep-section wheels gave out a satisfying “whomp”. Down on the aerobars, our position was spot on and, although low and aggressive, our hips felt adequately open.

The Exocet tracked flawlessly in a straight line and, despite some feisty crosswinds, there were no hairy deep-section wheel moments.

On a fast, twisting descent that normally has us off the aerobars and onto the bullhorns, the impeccable and responsive handling of the Exocet gave us the confidence to stay low and let fly.

Onto a fast rolling stretch of road and, shifting slickly up and getting the big top gear turning, the Exocet really took off. We couldn’t quite believe the speeds we were hitting and maintaining. We were putting in the effort but the Exocet was paying us back with interest. The wheels were slicing through the air, dispelling any doubts we had about their quality, and the whole package put a massive grin on our faces.

Hitting the back end of the test loop and a series of climbs, which is where so many TT bikes have fallen short, the Exocet morphed into a perfectly respectable climber, and even with its heavy gearing skipped lightly up the hills. There was no flex or drag from the wheels and, even when honking hard, the bars remained unyielding and stiff. Great stuff.


Blisters through the bends and climbs 92%


Quality throughout and hard to find a weak point 99%


Just how do Planet X do it? 99%


Not bad for a super-aggressive frame 78%

Verdict 92%

Don't forget to grab yourself a copy of the magazine and read the full review.


The Excoet Dura Ace is available now!

You can order a Dura Ace Exocet NOW! with FSA TriMax Carbon cranks and 82/101 wheels (or 50's if you prefer). Stocks are limited so be quick!

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Read More about the Exocet here
Planet X Exocet

Planet X Exocet

Planet X Exocet

Planet X Exocet

Planet X Exocet


1 June 2011


  • Simon B (Planet X Team)

    Garrad, best give customer service a call on: +44 (0)1709 38 66 66 They'll sort something out for you

  • GarradB

    Another £200!!! I applied for a cyclescheme voucher to buy an Exocet when the price was £2000. I accepted the reasons for the first price increase and was prepared to pay £2300. The voucher was ok'd last week, I'm waiting to hear what the code no. is before I can buy, but now the bike is £2500 and out of my price range......

  • Rob

    Was going to buy one at the end of the month but again the same as others I will not pay the extra £300 but if you want to sell me one at the old price you have my email:)

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Apologies for the latest increases(s) guys. It's all a matter of rising costs (to us), supply and demand ... and lots of other economic wingle-jingles I'm not too familiar with. That's why I'm sitting here answering emails rather than running the business! In my eyes, even at £2499 the Exocet bike is still fantastic value and I certainly haven't ridden anything as fast costing as little as that. Come to think of it...I've never riden anything as fast ... period! Compare other Company's top of the range TT / Triathlon bikes with the Exocet and see how much more it would cost. I think we spoil you at times ;-)

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi LarsO - the design of the Exocet frame meets the UCI criteria but we won't be applying for any UCI 'badges' of approval. That costs losts ... and the cynical me tends to think all that goes to fund is the UCI's holiday pads in Monte Carlo. The way the bike is actually set up will influence as to whether or not it meets UCI approval too. The way MINE is set up (tri bar extension tips too far in front of the bottom bracket...personnal choice / preference) would get me turned away from any UCI event I cared to enter ... but I think I'd get turned away anyway due to my views on the destination of their funds!

  • GarradB

    Ian C / David This bike may well be fantastic value at its selling price, it may well be even too cheep for all I know, but as a potential new customer who became aware of Planet X through the 220 magazine review, the first thing I thought after seeing the increased price was that the price was increased due to the excellent review. I imagine that there are a lot of people out there just like me who will be thinking the same. David, as a PX customer will already know if PX are reputable, but I'm not, and I don't, and therefore seeing the price rise is bound to make me suspicious. I think an explanation on the web site's spec of the bike regarding the increase would have allayed any fears for potential new customers. Having said the above, I am still considering buying a PX bike following IanC reply to my original mail.

  • IanW

    The spec hasn't changed for a few months but the price is now coming up at 2499, when a month ago it was 1999, gutted! Oh well back to searching for 2nd hand on ebay :(

  • LarsO

    Do Planet X have any plans regarding UCI regulations on TT bikes, and the approval of bikes / frame / wheels for 2012. I'm thinking on replacing my Stealth Pro for next season.

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi DavidH - thanks for your input. I couldn't have put it better myself ;-)

  • DavidH

    Brilliant! What do PX have to do to please people?! Even adding the "extra" £300 its still (loads) less than a set of wheels which the other bike and many more in this price range need! The tester actually finishes the article off by questioning his £4k bike. And a final point virtually everyone I know who has bought a PX (either a Stealth or Exocet) has never gone away with the basic spec. As good as it is the upgrades add even more value to the build. Add up the cost of the components of your custom build and try to do it cheaper. Superb bike.

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi GarradB and MarinaH - just FYI, we aren't "taking advantage of such a great review". The price was a rock-bottom price from the word 'go' ... I nearly choked on my Coco-Pops when I saw it go up on the site at the original sub £2k price. We have been absorbing costs for a number of months - even managing to 'ignore' the increase in VAT a few months back. Unfortunately, prices and overheads have continued to rise and we were left with no alternative but to implement a bike price increase across the board (not just with the Exocet). We still believe all our bikes still offer excellent value for money. I myself am a fan of the Exocet and still think it's an absolute steal at £2199.99.

  • MarinaH

    Hi GarradB, I think they upped the price a while before the review because of other issues. But seriously, is it 92% og 93%? :)

  • GarradB

    Hi Justin I emailed Planet X with similar comments, not only is it £200 dearer, it does not include the Prologo seat which is an extra £100, so in fact the bike is £300 dearer. After I read the review I thought I'd buy the Exocet, but after finding out the true price I'm thinking twice. Its not the extra £300 that's the bigest concern, its the fact that I dont know if Planet X is taking advantage of such a great review, and therefor its potential new customers such as me???

  • Simon B (Planet X Team)

    Hello Justin, We've had a serious shortfall in our SRAM Red delivery which means we had to up-spec the components to Shimano Dura-Ace until the SRAM Red is available again.

  • Justin

    Although the writeup in the 220 magasine is very good, it's a review and compare of bikes which are 2K.... but the Exocet you are selling is £200 more than that... so is that really right to have a feature in a magazine which on the day the magazine comes out (infact 5 days earlier to subsribers) and the price is way higher and the 2K model which was tested and reviewed isn't even available?

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