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Guerciotti Khaybar 60% Off!!!

Pro-tour proven Italian carbon race frames with over 60% off the ticket price? The Guerciotti Khaybar has served its time in the pelleton, survived the rigours of training rides in the mountains of Italy and proved its worth in countless races. As used by Team Androni and LPR in hundreds of professional races, the Khaybar truly is world class...

Who's Who of Khaybar riders

Some big-hitters have road this frame over the years, we asked Mr Guerciotti for all the detailsm heres what he said: "Diguigiovanni Androni. has been also used by Gianni Savio's team by LPR and ridden in important races like Tour of Suisse (1 stage victory with Daniele Contrini - Milano San Remo - Paris Roubaix with Dmitry Konishev). This frame is for professional riders. This model is perfect for all the types of riders: from the grimpeur (like the Colombian and Venezuelan riders Jose Serpa, Jackson Rodriguez) and sprint riders like Danilo Hondo and Alberto Loddo."

Guerciotti Team Androni Khaybar

Manufactured from high modulus IM600 Toray carbon fibre, the Kahaybar is not only very light at 1050g its also very stiff. This stiffness ensures every ounce of effort is transformed into forward momentum. An oversized headset and bottom bracket also helps keep things sturdy without sacrificing comfort. The Khaybar not only performs well but they look stunning; each Guerciotti frame are painted by artisans in Milan, we've been to the factory and were astounded by the level of skill.

So in summary you'll get a frame thats been ridden by professional teams; Androni and LPR. The Khaybar is lightweight, stiff in all the right the places, with incredible looks with more than a grand off the retail price. Don't just take our word for it read below for what Khaybar owners have to say about their frames.

Guerciotti Team Androni Khaybar

What Customers Say

"Got to say this bike rocks, very stiff and responsive, but not too harsh. Any one on this board riding one? I will post some pictures of my new build soon. The Italian design and ride was worth every penny."

"The thought of owing a handcrafted frame from Milano with the histoire of Guerciotti makes the back of my neck tingle!!! Old School meets the 21st century!! Awesome!"

Here's the deal. I am seriously considering the Guerciotti Khaybar or the Alero. Problem is... there are no dealers near me and the thought of plunking this type of coin down for a frame blind has me understandably worried (the thing is that I have a situation where I can pick one up at a discount) -

"Just got on the Khaybar and love it, best bike I have found after racing for 20 years. Super smooth and fast. I also heard the Alero is an extremely nice bike as well". -

Guerciotti Team Androni Khaybar

Guerciotti Team Androni Khaybar

Guerciotti Team Androni Khaybar

Guerciotti Team Androni Khaybar

Watch this video from Guerciotti to see their bikes in action, this made everyone here want to get out and ride...

Have a look online and see if you can find a better deal, go I dare you…
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8 June 2011


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