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Best Ever Merino Value

With summer just upon us, it may seem like strange time of the year to be buying wool. But our Merino range has a Merino wool garment for every weather condition... Manufactured from top-notch fabrics to a very high standard the Planet X merino range is outstanding value and with current sale prices there's never been a better time to stock up!

Check out our pro Triathletes Susanne Buckenlei (aka Susa) and Hans Daugaard Nilsson  modelling the Planet X and On-One Merino jerseys in Norway. Looks nice eh?

Perfect all year round

First off our ultra-fine 120g baselayers can be worn even in the warmest conditions, the medium weight is perfect for cooler days and evening rides. Our range of Merino jerseys are perfect for post-ride posing, sitting outside on warm evenings with your mates. You can even wear them strewn across your shoulders Euro-style.

Stock up and feel smug

If your anything like us you tell yourself that you should stock up on things you need for the cooler months, when they are on sale in the summer, but you don’t! So this is your chance to sort out your entire winter riding wardrobe and have that smug satisfaction later in the year when you remember what a good deal you got.

Read more about our Merino Range here

Planet X Merino Wool Jersey

Planet X Merino Wool Jersey

Planet X Merino Wool Jersey

Planet X Merino Wool Jersey

 Full range of Merino jerseys and baselayers here


9 June 2011


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