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£999 Team Alu Rival

Due to popular demand we’re launching Planet X Team Alu SRAM Rival. The superlight was one of the first and most successful frames we’ve ever made. It paved the way for our award winning SL (super light) Pro Carbon, this build offers the perfect balance of performance and value.

Mark Lovatt Team Alu

Pro Riders love the Team Alu

Planet X team riders love the super light; it’s been instrumental in numerous victories, seen off countless opponents and survived many a brutal winter. Our sponsored riders have tested the Superlight to near-destruction. The current incarnation was born out of hours of athlete’s feedback. At one point it even had carbon rear-stays… But we feel this version is true to the spirit of what we set out to do with Planet X: Design bikes that are exhilarating to ride, super-durable and great value for money. The Superlight embodies all of these things.

Mark Lovatt Team AluPalmarès

Our team riders have excelled astride the Superlight, collecting an impressive amount of silverware over the years. Planet X pro road rider Mark Lovatt rode a Superlight in numerous Elite events (see images) including: The Lincoln Grand Prix, Tour of The Peaks... In Mark's words, "It's stiff, fast and cheap, a bit like me..."

SRAM Rival

Rival offers top quality performance and outstanding bang for your buck. Rival utilises much of the technology that is featured on its professional level kit including the 'double-tap' shifting. This bike comes with double-tap shifters and levers complete with ergonmic huds, Exact Actuation front and rear-mech provides precision gear shifting with silky smooth accuracy.The SRAM Rival dual-pivot brakes ensure incredible stopping power with simple to use quick release for easy wheel removal. This durable groupset will perform well no matter how much you punish yourself in training.

Mark Lovatt Team AluIts no 'hack'
The Superlight Team Aluminium frame makes the perfect training bike, but is doesn't feel like a 'hack' when you ride it. The triple-butted heat-treated T6 Aluminium is very stiff, which creates incredible power transfer and acceleration, both in and out the saddle. The lightweight Aluminium flies up hills. The high-modulus carbon forks provide precision steering without tipping the scales.

Race Proven

It's no coincidence that this frame has won so many races.
Our Pro rider Mark Lovatt rode a Superlight in numerous Elite events including: The Lincoln Grand Prix, Tour of The Peak... In Marks words: "its stiff, fast and cheap, a bit like me..."
The perfect training bike
The Planet X Team Superlight Aluminium is the perfect winter bike frame. It will build up into a light, fast training bike, that'll last for years. We're offering the frame and forks at an incredible price, this means  you can spend more on nice components.

Quality Kit

This build comes complete with Full Speed Ahead (FSA) Gossamer Chainset  with integrated MegaExo BB and cold forged AL6061T6 aluminium crank arms. Rolling mass comes courtesy of Mach 1 wheelset, the perfect balance between weight and strength. Finishing kit is provided by 3T and Ritchey.

This build represents everything we stand for top quality kit, pro-level performance and incredible value for money. Order yours here
Mark Lovatt Team Alu

16 June 2011


  • marcusd

    Finally Ordered mine! whooo, there's nothing like an extended period of procrastination. Cheers, & looking forward to riding it.

  • Chaser

    I built my Team Alu with Campag Athena, PX model B wheels and Ritchey WCS finishing kit. Weighs 17 lbs - which is very light for a 'budget' bike. Really love it! Chaser.

  • Kevin

    What is the difference between the original team alu frame and the Mk II please? Mk 2 better? stronger? lighter? thanks

  • AlanS

    Can you tell me what the standover height is for the medium size Team ALU frame? It's not listed with the other geometry specs.

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi MarcusD - if it was me, I'd go for the Team Alu. The Nanolight is the thoroughbred Ferrari of our road racing range. It's geomtry and general build won't be ideal for the winter and the roads you're likely to be riding on...noit to mention the elements that'll be thrown against it weatherwise. The clearence on the Nanolight is also VERY tight so you might hae issues if you wanted to run it on 'fatter' tyres. Team Alu definitely ;-)

  • MarcusD

    thanks Ian, I'm actually torn (weirdly) between the nanolight & this one to build a bike around. The plan is to use it mainly for training & esp in the winter as I'm more xc orientated, but I still want a nice light steed to toy with the local roadies. would i be right in thinking this would be a better option for the winter months (better all rounder) or is carbone ok in the winter. I wont ever be fitting mudguards or the like so thats not a concideration, just frame lngevity. also which would be stiffer laterally (bb flex), nano or alu.

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi MarcusD - we don't weigh bikes as a rule because each one that leaves the warehouse is individually built to the customer's own requirements, and as a consequence, no two weigh the same. Some of the SL Pro bikes on the Readers Rides pages are phenominally light. If you were to base your own build around the Team Alu frame using the same components as they've used you'd get a rediculously light bike I'm sure.

  • MarcusD

    Howdo chaps, How much does the SL weigh once built as you have it there (rival spec). Thinking about not going the carbon route and fitting out this frame with mostly force / FSA / your brakes etc. I'm really quite drawn to this frame. (baby blue in the comp photo's looks better tho' ;)

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi craigs - pleased you like it :-) Pass the good word around won't you? ;-)

  • craigs

    Hi, ive got the campagnolo version its the best bike i have ever ridden never look at a plastic bike again it climbs like a goat

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    HiGeoff - there aren't any mudguard mounts but you would beable to fit something like Crud Road Racer mk 2s in providing you don't go too fat on the tyres. No rear rack bosses I'm afraid. Mach 1 wheel weights here (just above the pics)... No pink paintwork...just go-fast, metallicy mediterranean(ish) blue...lovely jubbbly :-)

  • Geoff Diamond

    Hi, Thinking of getting a new steed for the missus. some questions spring to mind: Does the Superlight have clearances for mudguards? Bosses for a rear rack perhaps? What's the weight of the Mach1 wheels? Any pink paintwork to complement the "boyblue" effect?

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