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Stealth Dura-Ace £1999

The new Planet X Stealth Elite Dura Ace is out now, offering 82/101 carbon wheels, Dura Ace transmission and PB busting quality for just £1899. Who better to tell you it's virtues than Mr Ian Cammish a time trialling legend who's done more miles on his Stealth than a Mercedes Sprinter…

Sometimes we simply blow ourselves way with the bikes we come up with. The latest offering based on the Stealth; Planet X’s most popular time trial / Triathlon frame ever, is no exception. 

To satisfy the most discerning of customers, we’ve draped Dura-Ace, the very best that Japanese giants Shimano have to offer, over her smooth and elegant lines. 
The end result is a bike which knocks spots of the opposition – both in terms of speed AND value for money 

There’ll be no excuse for not going fast any more.  The slick shifting will get you away from the start and out of corners faster than a speeding bullet / the speed of light / a rat out of a drain / Planet X staff at home-time…

The overall quality of the product will warrant endless hours of riding past big shop windows as fast … or as slow … as you like admiring the reflection (come on … we all do it don’t we?).
It’s equally ideal for charging up and down dual carriageways VERY fast as it is for getting you to the transition up with the leaders ready for your run.

Planet X Stealth Pro Carbon

Triathlon Plus Bike of the Year

The Stealth isn’t just a super-fast short distance time trial machine though.  We could get the rest of the team to sing its praises but, hey, they’d be biased wouldn’t they?  So how does being voted 220 Triathlon Magazine’s ‘Bike of the Year’ on three separate occasions grab you?  Not bad for something you can currently pick up at £1499 is it? (A fully equipped Stealth bike … not a copy of 220 Triathlon Magazine, just in case there’s any confusion there!).

Good enough for Fabian Cancellara

Tri-max cranks. Same as used by Fabian a year or so ago.  He's never gone as fast since he changed on to whatever he's currently using. Bit heavy (not Fabian...the chainset) but it's rock solid rigid and even Wayne hasn't bent one.  VERY aero and bound to frighten the opposition simply because there's so much carbon involved in the construction.


The Finest Carbon Fibre

It’s an all carbon frame, forks and seatpost configuration using ultra rigid 12k carbon with profiled tubing to aid airflow.  It’s got a steep 76 degree seat angle to get you right over the bottom bracket which will give you a very powerful position for whipping those big gears round to maximum effect.  The ones about to land carry the new logos which must make them even faster than the ones Wayne and Ceri were using.  Goodness knows how fast they’d have gone on Red one with new logos!”

We think the latest version will take some beating too.  Go on, treat yourself and blow away the opposition! – I.S Cammish Esq
Full spec and ordering click here

What Stealth owners say about their bikes:

“This bike is super fast and has been my trusty steed in many short and long course triathlons.” – David Pugh   

“Designed for Ironman - Fast and Light” – Kurt Greggor

“Light, stiff, good looking, fast, what more could I ask for.” – Anthony Harper”

“Fast, stable, and great to look at. Half my club now rides PX in various incarnations. Wouldn’t change it and she still turns heads, particularly with the disc in.” – Geoff Backshall

Check our Readers Riders to see some pimped out Stealths and read more about how they ride.

Planet X Stealth Pro Carbon


23 June 2011


  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi cory - well done! Sell a kidney if the piggy bank is already wasted. Your next Ironman will either be easier or faster with one of these 'monsters' (I like that!!) :-)

  • cory pounder

    Awesome, ivee just completed my first triathlon which was the Nice Ironman! I just wish id had this monster to blast round the course! Piggy back is going to have to be raided before my next Ironman! Simply magnificent :)

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Andy - she IS awesome. Don't leave it until the price goes up before deciding to hit the 'buy' button will you? You'd be amazed how many customers do that. This is the price NOW ... ok? ;-)

  • Andy

    wow looks awesome....I'm starting to save now!