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50% off all Nalini Clothing

The 50% off Nalini clothing sale is now on! For a limited time we're offering a staggering 50% off every item of Nalini clothing in our showroom- but it's collection only so you'll have to come and see us in Yorkshire!

Nalini is the very best quality Italian made professional level kit - they provide kit for pro-tour teams including; Rabobank, Movistar and Cofidis. We've got something for everyone including; Short-sleeve jerseys, long-sleeve jerseys, rain-capes, shorts, tights and winter jackets.

Only available in the showroom

These offers are only availible in our showroom they cannot be bought from our website. So get yourself down to our Rotherham showroom, just next to Sheffield Meadowhall. Full details and directions here

50% of Nalini Clothing

50% of Nalini Clothing

1 August 2011


  • Steve

    I came into the showroom and was told that all the Nalini gear had been moved upto your other building and was going on the web at the same offer. The web offers haven't changed and the gear isn't in the showroom. Is this offer available or not?

  • TimG

    I'm with Pip on this one! Much though I'd love to come and see you guys again, 180 miles seems a bit far. I only want a nice pair of bib shorts...

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Pip - I can understand how you feel but with offers like this, goods tend to fly off the shelves so quickly we have problems when we take customer's money then can't fulfill the order because we're out of stock or not got the correct sizes / colours in stock any more. Also, there are sizing issues - you wouldn't believe how many items of clothing we have to exchange when customers order on-line despite us giving all the sizing advice we can on the site. This way, anyone who buys is happy. Come and visit us ... organise a coach trip ... or bring the kids and kill two birds with one stone during the school holidays with a trip to Magna (or get your parents to drop you off while they spend the day at Meadowhall shopping centre).

  • Pip Morgan

    Why are you advertising a offer on your wesite that customers who use your website to buy goods because they are not able to come to your shop are excluded from ?