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New Tri-Spoke-Aero-Blade

Here at last! Our head turning aero blade tri-spoke front wheel is now available with a super slick new graphic. Time trial stalwart Ian Cammish says that these are the biggest boon to hit the time trialing / triathlon scene since the invention of the wheel itself and we've no reason to doubt him. He writes:

"I'm pretty sure this wheel is lighter than any other tri-spoke I've ever used (it’s a fact actually, weighing in at a scant  830 grams, complete with Vittoria Crono Evo CS 22-28 tubular, tub tape and extender...Less skewer though- ed). It's also easier to handle than any other tri or four spoked wheel I've ever used..."

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"There’s no doubt in my mind that these are the biggest boon to hit the time trialing / triathlon scene since the invention of the wheel itself. Having already ridden them to 30mph plus ‘10’s and ‘25’s, I'm not sure why would anyone use anything less or pay any more. At only £449 they're a snip of what other brands charge for inferior wheels!"

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New Planet X Tri-Spokle-Aero-Blade

New Planet X Tri-Spokle-Aero-Blade

New Planet X Tri-Spokle-Aero-Blade

2 August 2011


  • Joss Mills

    as i am plannign on getting a carbon tri spoke wheel built up fopr my fixie, woudl this be safe and strong enough to run on the roads of today? if so what tyres sizes, pressure are the limits? thanks :)

  • TraceyM

    My dad bought me this wheel and it arrived today, is there a minimum tubular tire width? My coach advised me to ask as his Corima tri spoke has to have a minimum of a 22mm tub Thanks for your help

  • Neil

    When are you getting more stocks in of this wheel

  • Erik Dodwell

    OK now I'm nervous - the price of the non gloss tri-spoke was a lot cheaper, and it has just gone up to be the same price on your website. C'mon, please keep an affordable option there for us mid-life crisis SITCOMs! (Single Income Two Children Oppressive Mortgage).

  • MichailA

    Please INFORM us about the new version of non gloss wheel... I ALSO vote for a WHITE color for the wheel !!!

  • Erik

    Any idea when the non-gloss tri spokes are coming? Can you put up a close-up pic of one on your site so we can see the aesthetic difference between the gloss and non-gloss? PS I vote for white too!

  • Denny

    Hi ianc, will the cheaper tri-spoke a non-gloss and no red decal version? Or is it just non-gloss?

  • IanC (Planet X Team)

    Hi Stefano - it's 700c :-)

  • Stefano

    Hi there..I'm kinda interesting on this wheels and I want to know is this wheels on 700c or 650c???because I'm gonna use it for my fixie and it's 700c wheels, please let me know ASAP..thank u:)

  • IanC (Planet X Team)

    Hi Alberto - no the logos won't peal off as they're lacquered over. You could spray the wheels with black paint .... maybe?

  • alberto_ita

    Regarding the color: does the red stickers come off easily? I would need a plain black coloro, no-logo...

  • Brett

    Hi Ian, thanks. Maybe a deep section clinher will do for me then! I am also consdering a Jet 6 to match my rear. Tubs maybe faster, but I've just started out TTing and also have managed to puncture a few times warming up this year, the clincher at least allows me a new tube and I'm off and away... Waiting on the news of the depp section clincher :O)

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Sol - the matter's been noted and raised. (I kind of agree with you too). Red's ok if you've got a red bike but it doesn't really go with green ... or blue ... or yellow. We'll discuss it over a cuppa. Thanks for the feedback.

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Brett - good lord! Not at the moment no. We're busting guts to get a Planet X Pro Carbon deep section clincher available for customers to buy. They're on the way ... but we'll need a bit of time to collect our thoughts before moving on to something like Tri-spoke clinchers. Sorry :-( (Tubs are MUCH faster you know!)

  • Brett

    Hi Ian and the team. Any plans to do a clincher version like HED do?

  • Sol

    I'll second PaulS on this. A colour to match my white and silver Exocet would be fantastic.

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi PaulS - no other variations on order at the moment but I'll mention it to the powers that be!

  • PaulS

    Hey Guys, I love the tri-spoke but unfortunately the colours clash with my white/silver exocet? Any other colours coming or even a plain version?

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Matthias - basing my judgement on 40 years or so of experience, a disc will be faster in 99% of the races I ride. For those it isn't, I wouldn't be using a tri-spoke front/ disc rear pairing. On those sorts of days (or courses), it would probably be beter using one of the deep section Pro Carbon combos.

  • Matthias

    Because on same races a disc makes no sense

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Matthias - the idea was to allow customers the opportunity to buy a trispoke front and disc rear of their choice. We figured that since a disc is always fastest, why do a rear trispoke?

  • Matthias

    Is there also a tri-spoke wheelset available?

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi John - I don't see why not. All you'll need is some allen key q/r skewers....which we don't currently stock unfortunately.

  • ianc (Planet X team)

    Hi Timmo - we're keeping our eyes open and are trying samples all the time. Until we find something that fits the bill (and which we're able to do at the price you're after) I'm afraid it's just a matter of sitting tight I'm afraid.

  • John

    Can it be adapted to fit a track bike. ?.

  • Timmo

    So when are you guys gonna do a super-value disk wheel to complement these?