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The Secret Life of Titanium....

"Steel is real" goes the phrase. Aluminium doesn't really rhyme with anything and carbon fibre? Well- "carpet fibres" isn't a good rhyme or terribly endearing either. Titanium isn't good at rhyming couplets, but "like steel on drugs" isn't far off the chart. Everything that the classic original ferrous frame material can do, Ti can do better.

The Life of Ti- Inside the Super Material's World...

Aluminium, as a material is light, but it's not terribly strong and is quite flexible. Aluminium frames are built from lots of light aluminium, with big tubes providing stiffness and strength - they weigh less than steel ones, but are more rigid as a result. This is fine for sprints, or a solid tracking ride, but it's not ideal for everyone. Titanium too, is light. It's density is less than steel. It's strength is less. It's stiffness is less, but almost splitting the difference between steel and aluminium in weight, it's strength and stiffness are higher.
Planet X Ti Pro Road and Ti Sportive Frames Back In Stock Only £799!

The Best Strength to Weight Ratio of Any Frame Material...

As a frame, the weight of a titanium model can rival aluminium in weight, yet is as comfortable as steel and has a sprightly ride and superb handling that many riders swear by. Our frames are built using a Ti 3-2.5 alloy- 94.5% pure titanium, 3% aluminium and 2.5% vanadium, balancing the higher strength of some Titanium alloys and ductility of commercially pure Titanium to create an all round high performance material.

Technically speaking, titanium combines the best characteristics of all the other frame materials.

What this means is that when drawn to tube sections that frame builders are happy welding (typically around 0.9mm), titanium frames end up lighter than steel, and similar to aluminium, with more spring and compliance than aluminium, but with a very similar steel like resilience. All this, with a strength - particularly fatigue strength - that means they will stand to be ridden for many years without problems - coupled with one fantastic un-steel-like feature - no rust. No paint problems.

As New Looks and A Lifetime Guaranteed Service...

Ti frames can be scrubbed with a plastic kitchen pan scourer and be made to look like new. Even large scratches are easily removed. With no paint to degrade, your ti frame can be kept looking great for years. Compare that to a steel model with worries of corrosion and paint chipping.
Planet X Ti Pro Road and Ti Sportive Frames Back In Stock Only £799!

The new Planet X Ti Pro Road and Sportive frames are back in stock!

Offering the very best in road bike performance, these frames are now hand built to Planet X’s exacting standards and specifications by the Dutch titanium experts Van Nicholas. £799 isn't a cheap frame, and the titanium frame might look less sexy than a carbon number - but the durability and year-long-riding you can get out of a ti frame can make the expense easier to swallow. Beat it up all winter, strip it down, clean, polish and ride all summer.

No need for a summer and a winter bike- just one will do- for now! We are offering the very best in road bike performance at industry beating value. Hand built to our exacting standards and specifications by the titanium experts Van Nicholas, these eagerly awaited frames are available now, and yes, from just £799. With input from Planet X’s team riders and all the years of experience that goes with miles and miles of racing and training, we’ve designed two outstanding frames ideally suited to either road racing or sportive riding.

Both models are offered with Lifetime Guarantees- so you'll not need to worry about shelling out twice!!!

A Ride Like You Never Knew Before...

There is nothing to beat the ride and the longevity of titanium. For some people it makes a statement. “I’ve got class”. “I know what I want in a frame”. “I want something that looks the business, does the job and will last a lifetime”. The unsurpassed strength-to-weight ratio and the superb physical properties at lower weights give titanium the unique ability to dampen road shock while retaining excellent torsion resistance to counteract pedalling loads. Add to that titanium's phenomenally high fatigue strength and the fact that it doesn't rust or corrode, and there's simply no better choice.

Thanks Nick Morrell, Hywel Davies, and Menno for sharing their bikes pics on our Readers Rides pages!

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Planet X Ti Bikes Postcards from Round the WorldPlanet X Ti Bikes Postcards from Round the World

Click here to find out more about the new Planet X Ti Sportive frame
Click here to find out more about the new Planet X Ti Pro Road frame

25 August 2011


  • Greg Niklaus

    Where can i buy the Ti frames?

  • Martin Massey

    "Ti is Fly" Goes the phrase!

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