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Kaffenback Drop Bar £999!

Joining the Flat Bar Hybrid Kaffenback launched last week, we are proud to introduce the brand new Kaffenback Drop Bar Disc Hybrid. This might just be the ultimate do-it-all bike, bombproof commuter, winter training workhorse, all-day adventurer - the Kaffenback will take it all and then some for under £1000.

At the heart of it all is the new, updated model of our venerable Kaffenback frame - a classic steel steed originally designed for the traditional British cafe-and-back winter training ride, but which gained popularity as a trusty year-round commuter and go-anywhere (and back again) touring machine. The updated version features Swap-Out interchangeable drop-outs so with a flash of an allen key you can set up for singlespeed or geared use.

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To make sure your hard-as-nails cro-mo frame isn't let down by its outfit, we've specced the Kaffenback Disc with some solid, quality componentry that'll shrug off the worst you can throw at it and keep you rolling for longer. Drive is taken care of with a SRAM Apex chainset together with a 10 speed SRAM cassette and chain. Shifting duties are capably handled by a pair of SRAM Rival mechs, complete with Rival double-tap shifters. And, when it comes to stopping, we've thrown a meaty pair of Avid BB7 Mechanical Discs in there for the ultimate durable, reliable and easily maintained braking system.

Kaffenback Drop Bar Disc

This is versatility like no other: fit yourself some mudguards and racks and it'll take you round the world. Spec some On-One Midge bars and cross tyres and throw yourself into the cyclocross scene. Strip it down to a classic steel fixie machine. The Kaffenback is a true all rounder.

Steel soaks up bumps and potholes like no other frame material can, delivering a silky smooth ride. It'll also take all the abuse you can throw at it and still come back for more. The Kaffenback is our most popular multi use bike. It has gained a loyal following over the last few years - considered by many to be  the swiss-army-knife of bikes; versatile, durable, and well designed… singlespeed, fixed or hub-geared… commuter, tourer or training ride… We can't think of any other way to get more bikes for your money!

Click here to buy the Kaffenback Drop Bar Disc now - Only £999


Swap-out equipped 4130 cro-mo frame and fork 

Tried and tested sporty, comfortable geometry 

Classic good looks 
Full SRAM Groupset

On-One and Planet X finishing kit

Please note that any of our bikes may be purchased on a Cycle to Work scheme, saving you money and reducing your tax bill in the process! Click here for more info.

Kaffenback Drop Bar DiscKaffenback Drop Bar Disc

Kaffenback Drop Bar Disc

13 October 2011


  • IanC (Planet X Team)

    Hi Alan - afraid not ... but you can source racks that fit forks without mounts I'm sure :-)

  • alan young

    now i like that but does it have brazings for a front rack ? can't quite see

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