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Top 5 Bikes for Winter

As Blighty plunges into 6 months of perpetual rain and darkness it's becoming harder and harder to extract your shiny carbon pride and joy from it's garage and put in some decent mileage. It may be time for something a little more resilient and less prone to complain about the salty road muck- here's our run down of the Top 5 Bikes for Winter.

These bikes offer all fantastic down to earth value and does-what-it-says-on-the-tin straight talking quality. Get one on a Cycle to Work scheme, and protect your main bike from winter evils. Here's our pick of the pops...

1/ On-One Pompino
On-One Pompino from Only £499

Its our best selling all rounder- subtle to ride so make sure you don't get blow away!
Features: Classy Italian inspired design and durable single speed drivetrain.
Ideal for: Do it all maintenance free commuting or rural meanders. If simplicity is what you need look no further.

Click here for the On-One Pompino range- from just £499

2/ Planet X Kaffenback
Planet X Kaffenack from Only £699

Its our most classic bike- steel frame, super versatile disc or canti, flat or drop bar, double or triple. Fits racks, panniers and mudguards.
Features: good tyre clearance means it can munch mud as well as tackle tarmac.
Ideal for: carrying, commuting and pretty much anything you chose to throw in it's path

Click here for the Planet X Kaffenback range- from just £699

3/ On-One Pompetamine
On-One Pompetamine from only £799

The new kid on the block- its quite simply a Pompino on drugs...
Features: internal Alfine hub gears and disc brakes are the ultimate commuter friendly experience. Minimal maintenance and sublimely smooth shifting.
Ideal for: Super smooth shifting and near zero winter commuting and cruising.

Click here for the On-One Pompetamine range- from £799

4/ Planet X Uncle John
Planet X Uncle John from Only £999

Get cross this winter. Uncle John is a great all rounder and much more than it's cyclocross racing roots: ride to work, on road or off- the perfect lightweight do-it-all winter trainer.
Features: alloy frame with "perfect" geometry, fast responsive ride and generous trye clearance.
Ideal for: dirty weekends and long rides in the countryside as well as the weekly commute.

Click here for the Planet X Uncle John range- from £999

5/ Planet X Team Alu
Planet X Team Alu from only £999

Its the bike all our pro riders use for winter miles. Doesn't rust and lets you keep your carbon dream machine indoors. But it's still fast, stiff and agile- the bike that Mark Lovatt won the Tour of the Peaks on.
Features: fast, stiff and responsive.
Ideal for: people who know that winter riding doesn't have to be about going slow.

Click here for the Planet X Team Alu range- from £999

Please note that all these bikes can be bought using Cycle to Work vouchers, saving you loads and spreading the cost. Click here for more info on how to apply.

13 October 2011


  • IanC (Planet X Team)

    Hi Pete - I totally agree with you. I've got mudguards on my winter bike...and always have had. The photos were taken before we took delivery of any. We've got some now though, here...

  • Pete

    None of them have mudguards, surely essential for a British Summer, let alone Winter?! Nor any way of carrying all that Winter kit to & from work... Old grouch? Me?

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