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£999 SRAM Red Team Alu Bike

Today, we're releasing a limited number of our best ever selling all time classic Team Alu road bike with SRAM Red kit, Shimano RS10 wheels and all round quality finishing kit for under £1000! Due to an overstock we need to clear out some SRAM Red- there are no hidden catches- this is your chance to cash in and bag a pro quality road bike with tour winning components and still get change from a Cycle to Work voucher.

Be warned though - it's a fast bike - and it will sell as fast as it rides…

A Prestigious Racing Pedigree:

The original Superlight Team was Planet X's first road frame launched back in 2005. It very quickly built up a cult following due to it's responsive, ultra-stiff-yet-forgiving ride and super light weight. The "SL", as it became known, proved to be seriously fast- taking Mark Lovatt to King of the Mountains Champion in the 2006 FBD Ras and becoming the preferred weapon of choice for the legendary Wayne "The Train" Randle. In Mark's words "the fastest, most responsive Planet X frame ever made". Since then, we've dotted the i's and crossed the t's subtly without making any massive changes, fine-tuning our classic race frame perfection and producing the current Team Aluminium frame.

Click here to buy the Planet X Team Alu Red for Only £999.

Planet X Team Alu Red Road Bike is Out Now for Only £999!!!

Click here to buy the Planet X Team Alu Red for Only £999.

It's no coincidence that this frame has won so many races. The triple-butted heat-treated T6 "Maxwall" Aluminium is very stiff, which creates incredible power transfer and acceleration, both in and out of the saddle. The lightweight aluminium flies up hills, while the high-modulus carbon forks provide precision steering without tipping the scales. Here's mark Lovatt riding the earlier Superlight Team frame the 2003 Lincoln Gran Prix- today's bike is even better...
Mark Lovatt Wins Lincoln Gran Prix on the Team Alu Bike

Very Highly Rated:

500 Miles Later: Wow, still getting that fabulous feeling, it taunts me to go faster and yet is stable when I want to go slow (or can no longer go fast).

Check this review from April 2006- the same still holds true today.
"First Ride: This bike flies, it is very light and responsive and feels nothing like any other aluminium framed bike that I have ever tried. It removes lots of road noise but still communicates what is happening to the bike.

Handling: Excellent for long distance riding as it doesn't do anything unpredicatable.
A well deserved 9.9/10"
Click here to read the review yourself.

By Far the Best Value Bike We've Ever Released- SRAM Red at £999:

A fully fledged race bike that would also excel as a winter trainer- the Planet X Team Alu with SRAM Red is unbelievable value at this price. A once in a lifetime offer to own a world class SRAM Red race bike at a price less than the magic Cycle to Work threshold.

Red is SRAM's top of the range professional level groupset and of course includes the unique 'Double-Tap' shifting system - offering "Exact Actuation" precision front and rear shifting with silky smooth accuracy. It's a world class transmission shifting system that has aided countless Pro Tour riders to victory in recent years.

It is normally found only on bikes costing much, much more...
Planet X Team Alu Red Road Bike is Out Now for Only £999!!!

Planet X Team Alu Red Road Bike is Out Now for Only £999!!!Planet X Team Alu Red Road Bike is Out Now for Only £999!!!
Note: this bike may be purchased on a Cycle to Work scheme, saving you money and reducing your tax bill in the process! Click here for more info.

Click here to buy the Planet X Team Alu Red for Only £999.

28 October 2011


  • Julian G

    Hi on-one. Would this team alloy frame be a good start for somebody thinking of having a go at road biking? Or would you suggest a different frame? All help most appritiated.

  • Axabr

    I guess these are all gone? I keep clicking the link and wishing I could buy one but it just goes the general shop page.

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