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We've had a few questions about just where the RT-57 fits in the Planet X range, so we sat on Big Frank and Brant until they told us the full inside scoop.


Q. Does the RT-57 replace the Pro Carbon?

A. No. The Pro Carbon is our great-value, entry level carbon frame. It will remain in the range for the foreseeable future.


Q. The Nanolight then?

A. Again, no. The Nanolight will be succeeded by the new N2a, but not until the early Spring of 2012.





















Q. So where does the RT-57 fit?

A. Think of it as being in between the Pro Carbon and the N2a, but off to one side. Those two bikes have our classic, long-top-tube road racing geometry, This makes for a bike that's fast and surprisingly comfortable for long rides, if you're flexible enough that it fits you. (Tour de France bikes have geometries like this, and riders wouldn't put up with over 100 miles a day for three weeks if their bikes weren't comfy).

The RT-57 is a little shorter for any given size. For example, a size L Pro Carbon has a stack (the vertical distance from the bottom bracket to the top of the head tube) of 565mm and a reach (the horizontal distance between those two points) of 397mm. In an RT-57, a 56cm frame has a 557mm stack and 389mm reach.

In real terms, that means the cockpit is about a centimetre shorter, so if you're not long in the arms and body, or as flexible as a top pro, it'll fit better. But it's still fast, light and racy – lighter than the Nanolight, in fact. (But still heavier than the N2a.)
















Q. What's the RT-57 for then?

A. Well, one thing it's not is a 'sportive' bike in the sense of the long-head-tube bikes that usually carry that label. We've noticed that a lot of people set up that style of bike with a flat stem to get a quick position. If you don't you can end up with a bike that has so little weight on the front wheel it won't go round corners properly. We'd rather make a bike that handles right.

Of course you can still use the RT-57 for sportives - or anything else. Racing, club rides, training, beating everyone else to the office. It's an all-round road bike at a terrific price.


Q. What tyres will it take?

A. There's room for 25mm tyres.






















Q. What are the other component fit details?

A. We've gone for a BB30 bottom bracket, which makes replacing bottom bracket bearings really easy and stiffens the bottom of the frame.

The 31.6mm seatpost is a very common size that offers you lots of options. We stock 11 different models in this size from £9.95 to £97.05!

Seat clamp is 34.9mm, and so is the front derailleur clamp.

You'll need a standard 1?in stem, but the steerer tapers to 1½in to improve handling by stiffening the front end of the bike.
















Q. What's in the box?

A. If you buy a complete bike from us, then that's obviously what you get. An RT-57 frame comes with its own fork – you'll need a seat collar and a headset




14 December 2011

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